Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Jews Vote The Capo Jerold Nadler for another term!

Image result for jerry nadler cartoon
Jerry "fatso" Nadler is laughing his head off, knowing full well that his stupid greedy constituents will vote him in, even when he stabs them in the back with a rusty knife!

The "crying lady" singer, Abish Brodt with his gang of 7, paid for a full page ad in the Hamodia, supporting this dangerous animal that voted to give nuclear weapons to the Iranian Mullahs! 

The Satmar Gypsy Robo call mentioned, that it is more important to support the "local" agenda (more $$$$ for Ezra Friedlander) than the survival of the Jews in the State of Israel!

When will we ever learn? 
Why didn't the Gedoilim come out with a strong memo denouncing this two-timing scoundrel? 
Instead they are busy with "pista maasis" and "naarishkeitin" ...
busy with "talking in Shul" etc.....

How low have we sunk? 


פלוני אלמוני said...

A nuclear Iran ח"ו is probably a greater danger to the USA than Israel

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah we unfortunately sank very low under normal circumstances a pig like you would of been taken care of long time ago
But can you explaiblabbled were just blabbering a few days ago that the president and who knows who else are listening to your advice, in the meantime you and your other idiotic friends couldn't get more than farkakta 11% to vote for this menuvel umushchas? TODAY IS 23 SIVAN IM HACHILOISO LINPOIL NAFOL TIPOL YOU AND THE ENTIRE ZIONIST GANG