Sunday, June 26, 2016

Esti Weinstein Found Dead in Her Car

הנעדרת - נעדרת: חרדית לשעבר, בת 50, אם לשבעה
Zaka released a message on Sunday afternoon 20 Sivan that the search for Mrs. Esti Weinstein has come to a tragic end. She disappeared last week, last seen in northern Israel.

Zaka reports thousands of people were involved in the search for the mother of seven. She was found on Sunday afternoon in a locked vehicle on the Ashdod coast.

 It was determined that she was dead for a number of days.

Mrs. Weinstein became estranged from her chassidish family eight years ago when she decided to leave her life of observance of Torah and mitzvos with the exception of one daughter, Tami, who stood with her during the past years.