Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Funeral of Este Weinstein....Frum daughter "We will never forget that bitter day when you left the house"

צילום: יוסי זליגר

צילום: יוסי זליגר

Frum Daughter of Este Weinstein
'לא נשכח את היום המר והנמהר בו עזבת את הבית''. בתה"
החרדית של וינשטיין מספידה אותה


לאחר הטקס של קרובי המשפחה והחברים החילונים, החל הטקס החרדי. תמי נשארה לעמוד לצד אחיותיה החרדיות, והאח חנוך חיבק את אמן. מנחם אירנשטיין, אביה של המנוחה, נשא דברי הספד. "אני זוכר אותך מחנכת את בנותייך לאהבת השם ואהבת הדרך", אמר האב. "לעולם לא נשכח אותך, אסתי, כאישה משכמה ומעלה, אהובה וכשרונית, מחנכת את בנותייך לאהבת השם, את כיבוד ההורים שלך. תמיד היית יד ימיננו", הוסיף

After the funeral where only non-religious family members and friends, attended, the Chareidim part of the family had their own hespid...her only daughter that remained in communication with her remained to stay at the Chareidie Hespid....

Menachem Orenstein, the father of Este eulogize her,
"I remember you educating your daughters to love G-D and to love going in His ways"
I will never forget you, Este, the respect you had for your parents.... you were always by our side"

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Tammy Montag the daughter that communicated with Este

Hundreds  attended the Petah Tivka funeral of Esti Weinstein, a formerly ultra-Orthodox woman who was found dead in an apparent suicide over the weekend.
Weinstein, 50, was discovered at the Hakshatot Beach in the coastal city of Ashdod Sunday, bringing to an end a week of searches after she went missing. In the car with her body police discovered a short note.
“In this city I gave birth to my daughters, in this city I die because of my daughters,” Weinstein, once a member of a prominent family in Hasid Gur sect, wrote.
Eight years ago Weinstein, who had seven daughters, left the ultra-Orthodox fold, in which she had grown up and which had seen her married at 17. Only one daughter maintained contact with her
She also penned an autobiography about her experiences leaving the religious world.
“I love you so much and will always love you,” her daughter says in a eulogy. “You were everything to me, a friend and mother.”
Members of Weinstein’s family from the Hasidic sect were also at the funeral, and as expected the sorrow was tinged with tensions between the religious and secular parts of Weinstein’s life.
“It’;s hard for me to speak about you. For me, you will always be like your first 43 years, when you were pure,” her father Rabbi Menachem Orenstein said, according to Ynet.
Weinstein’s boyfriend, though, used his eulogy to criticize the religious community for cutting off contact with her.
“At the heart of every religion is a kernel of unity, and that’s the source of life. But unfortunately it’s turned into ideology. Don’t let any rabbi lead you to hatred and to alienation. The pain from being cut off by your kids is massive,” he says. “Those who leave religion choose freedom but the path is not easy.”

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