Thursday, June 30, 2016

Watch Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak Slam a Neturei Karta Representative


Anonymous said...

And the same AY said many times that the Zionist regime is a Medina shel shmad and the Zionists are the REAL Amalek, so now what? Aza ponim hostu, why you keep digging for support go to all the tel Aviv bars and clubs specially the most revered by the Zionist Nazis the gay clubs and you'll get all the support you're looking for

Anonymous said...

So why doesn't AY return to Yemen from the medineh shel shmad already? Too many millions shekels in the medina shel shmad, and he can freely attack the medina shel shmad on all his tapes, that's why . He was once entertaining but lost credibility with his millions and his iphone ban when he was photographed using one.