Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Satmar Boro Park Robo Call Urges Naive Chassidim to Vote for Nadler," Not for Zionist Agenda"

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The following is a transcript of the Satmar Gypsy anti-Jewish message:
A heartfelt plea to our dear brothers, Satmar Chassidim in Boro Park.
“We are all witnessing this dirty campaign led by a few irresponsible individuals against our devoted congressman, Jerry Nadler, because he didn’t accommodate 100% Bibi Netanyahu with regard to the Iran deal last summer. If, G-d forbid, Nadler loses the Boro Park votes, it will be a terrible chillul Hashem. It’ll give the impression that specifically Orthodox Jews are the most loyal to Israel and are ready to jeopardize their own interests all for the agenda of the Zionist state.
“The fact is that Satmar today has the biggest communities here in the city. We can clearly control the outcome of the election and perform a kiddush Hashem.
“Satmar Yidden will follow the posuk (Yirmiyahu 29), ‘Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile.’ Peaceful, faithful Jews will vote this Tuesday for Jerry Nadler for Congress and send a message to the whole world that we are not voting for a foreign interest. We are voting for local interest.”


Romanisher Ferd said...

Who is in charge by the gypsies?

See here also purporting to be in the name of Satmar but voting for the queer instead of Jerry Nadler

Joe Putz said...

If Neturei Karta was campaigning with Nadler at the Shteinvant toyaveh place, DIN has got to find that picture!

Sam said...

Not clickable

Cold winter said...
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Cold winter said...

Nadler won

DIN Watch said...

Mr. DIN who authors this blog has made progress by escaping Chareidi brainwashing and realizing how pro-toeivah, pro-feminist, anti-Torah, anti-Eretz Yisrael Demo-rat political bosses control the NY "Chareidi" communities through their agents the NY "Chareidi" establishment.

However Mr. Din could make even more progress by realizing how the feminist "agunot" activists control the "Orthodox" communities as agents of the extreme anti-feminist, anti-family pro-toeivah Demo-rats.