Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Investigators are still looking for motive Yet the shooter himself claimed allegiance to ISIS

orlando 11 Omar mateen
Omar Mateen
 Omar Mateen’s father, is saying. Mir Seddique a/k/a Seddique Mateen,that he asked allah to give cancer to his enemies. He also said allah will punish gays. 
But what do the crazy politicians say?
"It's the guns....."
Guess what? 
The USA will take your guns away, and the Muslims will continue to find a way to get them!

If just one person had been armed that night in Orlando, how many innocent Americans would have been saved?

 There is a troubling story out there and if just a fraction of this story is true, we are in deep trouble! Orlando Muslim terrorist was working for a US security firm transporting illegals into the US

America has gone crazy and the President of the USA, Hussein Obama, is behind all this!
And the press is backing Hillary, Obama's puppet ...and the stupid naive Jews are voting for Hillary!
We are sliding into the abyss 
Clinton Propped  NRD 600


Unknown said...

We must feel very secure when our President Barack Hussein "Insane" Obama will not identify the murderer as an Islamic Extremist, just saying that he was full of hate ...
Indeed when Jews voted for him & will vote for Saint Hillary, those Jews have reached the nadir of obtrusiveness & mendacity ...
The murderer himself visited these clubs was overcome with guilt by being a homosexual ...
Will the 72 virgins still welcome "shahid" Omar ... ?

Unknown said...

For Omar the homosexual does he get 72 virgins of the same gender ...?

Unknown said...

It is remarkable that Omar the murderer has been interviewed by the FBI twice in the past.
The owner of Lotus Gunworks called the FBI that there is a suspicious fellow trying to buy weapons with armor. The FBI did not even call back or look at the surveillance video.
Certainly the US lacks human intelligence for profiling like the Israelis do.
This reminds us following 9/11 when Mohamed Atta the leading pilot that crashed into the Twin-Towers six months later he received his green card from the INS in the mail in Florida.
This makes us feel safe & sound.