Sunday, June 26, 2016


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Rep. Jerrold Nadler undermined global security by supporting President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, shouldn't be reelected

For almost a quarter century, Democrat Jerrold Nadler has represented New York City in Congress — and rarely did he cast a more consequential vote than in the term now coming to an end.
In August 2015, Nadler undermined global security, regional stability in the Middle East and the security of Israel by supporting President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. Nadler’s aye was critical because his credentials as both a staunch defender of Israel and Jewish powerfully delivered the message that the pact merited approval.
With Sen. Chuck Schumer and every other Jewish member of the New York delegation turning thumbs down, the President met with Nadler in the White House for the first time in Obama’s then-six years in office as part of a concerted drive to bind Democratic loyalties.
Asserting that the President’s plea for party unity played no role in his decision, Nadler has said he believed the deal’s pluses outweighed its minuses. Whatever his motivations, when the stakes were extraordinarily high, he exercised profoundly bad judgment.
On Tuesday, for the first time in two decades, Nadler faces a challenger in a Democratic reelection primary. DIN urges voters cast their ballots against Nadler in rebuke for helping lead the world in a disastrous direction.
Obama reached the deal as the radical Islamist regime verged on having the capability to produce and deliver a nuclear weapon. In exchange for the end of crippling economic sanctions, the mullahs agreed to dismantle facilities and shed atomic fuel — while remaining on the threshold of weapons capacity, an existential threat to Israel, when terms of the pact expire in 10 to 15 years.
Now, Secretary of State John Jerry is pressuring reluctant U.S. companies to restart business with Iran as a way to satisfy Iranian demands for greater economic benefits. And the international anti-terror-funding watchdog, including American membership, has suspended money-laundering measures against Iran for a year, despite well grounded fear that the country's banks finance terror.
Having won the backing of many in his party, including Nadler, Obama is steadily and insistently strengthening an apocalyptic regime that is bent on regional hegemony and the destruction of Israel — and that backs its muscle with the ability to produce and deliver the atomic bomb within a year if it so chooses.
Nadler represents the 10th District, stretching from the Upper West Side of Manhattan all the way to Borough Park, Brooklyn. He is challenged by first-time candidate Oliver Rosenberg, a 30-year-old, graduate of Yeshiva University and former investment banker.
Every vote for Rosenberg will make a principled statement against an entrenched incumbent who regrettably lost touch with both his constituents and the national interest.


Gay Aveck said...

Why did you edit out that Rosenberg is a YU guy who is OPENLY GAY?

The lowlife even started a gay "orthodox shul". He is affiliated with Steve Greenberg's group who claim there is a "heter" for SODOMY!

The halacha is you don't vote for anyone now, not FATSO NADLER & not HOMO ROSENBERG unless a Republican or Independent who doesn't advocate toyava enters the race.

Anonymous said...

Gay Aveck
because the choice is between Fat Nadler a dirty double crossing KAPO back stabbing bastard piece of DREK who endangered the lives of six and a half million Jews in our holy land,and the other choice is a person who happens to be gay who is known as a strong supporter of Israel and who promises to keep supporting it.
Now the sad fact is that one of them will in fact be the next congressman being that in NY state the republican candidate has no chance of winning, therefore we would much rather have the gay Rosenberg than the murderous back stabbing KAPO bastard fatso Nadler yemach shemo.


David said...

I don't understand you.
One minute you're completely unconcerned about Iran....mocking American Jews and completely confident that yidden in Israel have nothing to worry about...
The next minute you're foaming at the mouth about the 6 and a half million Jews in the holy land that are in imminent danger.

Gay Aveck said...

Toyava also puts Jews in danger.

It is sometimes possible to elect a Republican in NYC if the district has a lot of Charedim and / or Italians and / or Irish and / or wealthy people.

There could also be a religious Hispanic Democrat who is anti-toyava. One was elected in the Bronx.

Anonymous said...

yiddelech got him elected and now they want him out ???