Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Jacob Reichberg Managed to close down a lane in the Lincoln Tunnel

Cops shut down a lane in the Lincoln Tunnel so a visiting businessman could be escorted through it at the behest of a major de Blasio fundraiser, federal prosecutors charged Monday.
The outrageous move was revealed as part of damning criminal indictments unveiled Monday against four NYPD officers and the shady “fixer’’who allegedly arranged it.
The stunning arrests marked the first time cops have been charged in the sweeping 3½-year corruption investigation rocking the department and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office, which is being probed for its fundraising.
Federal prosecutors allege that the civilian behind the closure, Borough Park businessman Jeremy Reichberg, and his pal, real estate investor Jona Rechnitz, spent more than $100,000 on police bribes between 2012 and 2015.
“They got, in effect, a private police force for themselves and their friends — effectively they got cops on call,” Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara said.
The criminal indictments alleged that in one instance, “Reichberg, using his connections in local law enforcement agencies, was able to arrange for the closure of a lane in the Lincoln Tunnel and a police escort down that lane for a businessman visiting the United States.”
It was unclear when the shutdown occurred, but law enforcement sources said the request did not go through official channels and there was no documentation of it, suggesting it could have been orchestrated in the middle of the night.


Unknown said...

When The Grand Rabbi of Eretz Goshen KJ travels he is escorted by dozens of police cars at high speed closing off numerous lanes on major highways ...
What a Kidush Hashem ...Tnu Kavod LaTorah ...

Anonymous said...

Sam Kay
Why do you dignify this criminally insane Jew hater and Israel hater by calling him grand rabbi,this piece of human garbage is a Rabbi like the pope is one.
In my book anyone who had the audacity to write letters to all the NY congressmen to walk out on Netanyahu and support Hussein Obummer in his quest to enable Iran to get nuclear weapons to anhiliate Israel with its seven million Jews,is nothing but a murderous Jewish Kapo swine,and this bastard should get a police escort straight to SING SING where the electric chairs are located

Shvantz said...

The moiser Rechnitz told the FBI that Jeremy (not Jacob) Reichberg arranged the Lincoln Tunnel closure for Leviev. Leviev denies it and says he doesn't even know who Reichberg is. Rechnitz used to work for Leviev until something dirty happened and he was suddenly no longer with Leviev's company.

Cuomo is putting on one of his phony angry acts that if anyone in PAPD helped NYPD with any closure, heads will roll at the Port Authority too.

Anonymous said...

Not Tzniusdig

Anonymous said...

bring it on yiddelech, bring it on...

when they'll throw us out of here (America) what will you guys do?

i'll bet they'll turn on us, just like the Capos

Unknown said...

שלחני כי עלה השחור
Liquidate the exile
Before the exile liquidates you