Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Colmer the serial pedophile is back in Passaic hunting for more prey!

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From: R. Y. Eisenman <rabbi@ahavasisrael.orgSubject: Important
Date: Tuesday, June 7, 2016, 10:02 PM

Please be aware that Stefan Colmer, whom I spoke publicly about a few years ago and who was subsequently arrested, convicted and imprisoned for sexually abusing minors, has moved back to his home on 38 John Street [Passaic, NJ].
Congregation Ahavas Israel, together with all the Shuls in the Passaic-Clifton area has prohibited him from entering our premises; he is also not allowed in any of the Yeshivas. Mr. Colmer’s picture and the details of his criminal record can be found here.
JFS [Jewish Family Services] will be hosting a forum within the next few days that will address concerns and appropriate steps on how to keep one’s children safe. The details will be communicated to you shortly.
Ron Yitzchok Eisenman, Rabbi
Congregation Ahavas Israel, Passaic, NJ
181 Van Houten Ave.
Passaic, NJ 07055


Unknown said...

Megan's Law has to kick in ... !!!

Unknown said...

ובערת הרע מקרבך ...

Anonymous said...

BEWARE because 38 John St is about 7 or 8 doors away from Prima Pizza under PCK (Passaic-Clifton Kashrus) which is always full of kids.

In Flatbush Colmer became known as Colmo the Homo for leading away little boys to molest & worse.

38 John St is owned by the Colmer family who are not frum. The sicko is a "BT".

Colmer has used several aliases over the years including "Dovid Cohen". (Rabbi Dovid Cohen is the posek for Ohel, the same organization that because they covered up for Colmer he molested many more kids)

After Colmer originally fled Passaic for Israel, he was tracked down by investigators working for Rabbi Feivy Mendlowitz aka UOJ, who had him arrested & deported. Colmer then spent the next while calling Rabbi Gornish to ask "kashrus shaylos" about the Rikers Island kitchen. You can't make this stuff up! (I can see DIN chuckling)

Does anyone know where Colmer's ex-wife Ilana currently lives? I cannot find any address for her after 38 John so I hope they are not somehow getting back together.

Anonymous said...

Colmer's ex moved out of the country