Sunday, June 19, 2016

Meir Pogrow Seduces Women With "Torah" ... Exposed by Tamara Schoor !

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Meir Pogrow a brilliant, popular and influential Torah scholar, has given over 2,000 Shiurim on the "Master Torah" Website, a website he founded.
Apparently, he used his knowledge to seduce women and enjoyed snaring them into his sexual trap!
He lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh but lectures throughout the world! '
the Bais Din has issued a warning to women to stay away from him! 

  \Tamara Schoor
April 25
Rabbi Meir Pogrow preys upon teenagers, young women and allegedly children as well. He travels internationally teaching Torah in Jewish communities around the world and is therefore dangerous on a broader scale.
Pogrow is a man who does not deserve the title of rabbi let alone Dayan (judge). His genius is not in question but his character, morality and Torah observance are.
I have often wondered whether his Torah knowledge and teaching have any value when he has distorted and perverted it in the pursuit of his most base desires. He has used his breadth of knowledge, charisma and position of authority to coerce behavior that is antithetical to Halacha, not only violating the laws himself but coercing others to do the same, IN THE NAME OF GOD no less.
This man, my rabbi, my mentor, my spiritual adviser spent years earning my trust only to betray it in the most cunning, sinister and spiritually destructive way possible. From the tender age of 15, he cultivated my dependence on him, fostering a kind of hero worship only to use it as a tool for mind games, manipulation and abuse.
I am sharing this secret now for several reasons but ultimately it is a burden I physically cannot bear any longer.
I have been silenced for far too long. By my own voice telling me that I won't be believed, that I will be opening myself up to skepticism, mockery and attack. By caring family and friends who don't want to see me hurt and disappointed over and over again.
And most effectively, by community Rabbi's who have chosen not to expose this predator (God willing that will change) while participating in creating an environment in which I am afraid of the backlash and recriminations for exposing him myself.
I apologize in advance to any victims who may want to keep this secret buried, a box shoved in the back of their closet, never to be opened again. I am deeply sorry to open old wounds but I am always available to offer support.
The Rabbis have said they finally have what they need to make a statement. I pray they keep their word but I can no longer sit in silence, my guilt a cold companion.


Unknown said...

No one is immuned from Arayaos ...
Ein Apotropos L'Arayos ...

Fred said...

Add Tovia Singer to the list of scumbags who use their Rabbinical position and so-called Torah wisdom to prey upon and seduce vulnerable women. That he's a Kohen does not affect his behavior, in case anyone was curious.

Anon said...

Yes tovia singer is truly a predator - he took advantage of me for 3 years