Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Crazed Meshiginar Rabbi at Muhammad Ali's Funeral Blames Israel & Trump! Video

It's not only Satmar that are off the wall and blame Israel for everything, apparently Reform Rabbonim are on the same page! He must be fluent in the "V'Yoel Moshe" propaganda.
Here watch a Rabbi praise a violent guy that was in a sport that beat the crap out of his opponent. ... and hear this meshiginar preach anti-violence at a funeral of a Muslim and say "Peace be on the prophet Mohammad"!!!!!

Rabbi Michael Lerner is editor of the very progressive Tikkun magazine. He gave this “eulogy” at Muhammad Ali’s Funeral today. But for some reason, instead of talking about Muhammad Ali, he he decided to get on his political soapbox and spout his views, such as;“I call upon the USA to stand up to the Israeli government that is oppressing Palestinians.”

“We need to tell judges to let prisoners out of jail, all those put in prison by racist police”
“We need to tell the 1% that its time to share that wealth”
” We need to tell the politicians who use violence worldwide, that it’s time to close all the army base around the world”
“We need to give all those in jails created jail, a guaranteed income”
We need to tell Netanyahu to stop the occupation of the West Bank”
“At the end he wished all the Muslims a happy Ramadan and peace be unto Prophet Muhammad”


Unknown said...

The extreme left & extreme right have something in common ...
Satmaritis extends its tentacles in its polarization ...

Ma Rabbi said...

Who cares what this crazy self-hating garbage had to say.
He violates every thing in the Torah so he violates this too.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Michael Savage has to say about this liberal.

Satmar Watch said...

The Satmar-stinians are NOT the extreme right. They are the extreme left who bamboozle naive Chareidim into believing they are the extreme right.

The Satmar-stinians, Reform-astinians and Democrat-stinians all HATE the Torah concept of Eretz Yisrael and seek to replace it with a completely invented country called "Palestine".