Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hinda Spira and Raizel Morgenstern from Boro Park die in Crash In Arizona UPDATED Photos

Raizel Morgenstern  girl in white,Hinda Spira extreme left, all four girls in picture were in accident
The Levaya for Hindy Spira A”H will be held tonight, Tuesday, at around 10:00PM at Shomrei Hadas Chapels on 14th Avenue and 38th Street in Boro Park. The Kevura will be in New Square later tonight.

The Levaya for Raizel Morgenstern A”H will be held tonight, Tuesday, at around 11:00PM at Shomrei Hadas Chapels on 14th Avenue and 38th Street in Boro Park. The Kevura will be in Monsey later tonight.

 Misaskim of Los Angeles director Malkiel Gradon along with other Los Angeles askanim traveled overnight to Arizona and arrived there early this morning. Some are dealing with Kovod Hames, while the others are coordinating with the survivors until family members arrive from NY which is scheduled at about 2pm Pacific Time. A local Chabad Shaliach was contacted early on, and was with the injured in the hospital.
The cause of the accident remains under investigation. The girls who were sitting in the front seat of the vehicle, were the two occupants who were R”L killed. Thru amazing nissim the rear two passengers survived.
Deputies from the Arizona police are combing the wreckage and should have a more comprehensive report as the day progresses.

Two girls from Boro Park were R”L killed when the vehicle they were traveling in collided with a tractor trailer. The accident occurred on 26 Menachem Av, the night between Monday and Tuesday. 

The fatal accident occurred in Arizona. 

Two girls were killed and two others sustained non-life-threatening injuries. The girls were on vacation when a vehicle veered from the opposite lane, crashing into them.

The names of the victims z”l are Hindy Spira and Raizel Morgenstern.

Misaskim has been working though the night with the families in Boro Park, and tell YWN that a private jet has been arranged to fly the deceased to NY for the Levayos.

UPDATE: One occupant of the vehicle is Miriam bas Gittel, who has multiple fractures – including a spinal fracture. She is the daughter of Rabbi Yanky (Jack) Meyer, the founder of the Misaskim Organization. Please be Mispallel for her as she needs Rachamei Shomayim.

An accident in Holbrook, Arizona, has claimed the lives of Raizel Morgensterna”h and Hindy Spira a”h of Boro Park, Brooklyn.
The girls, who were on a summer vacation, were traveling last night in Navajo County when a tractor trailer barreled into their vehicle, killing them and wounding the other two girls in the car. The accident occured at about 11:30 p.m. local time.
Police said that it was not clear why the driver of the tractor trailer veered out of his lane and into the car transporting the girls.
All are asked to daven for another occupant of the car, Miriam bas Gittel, a daughter of the famed Rabbi Yanky Meyer of Misaskim who sustained serious injuries in the accident and is currently undergoing surgery. All are asked to daven as well for Faiga Sarah bas Bracha (Myerovitz).
Friends of the girls shared a picture  showing Raizel and Hindy with three friends at Lea Brea Bagel in Los Angeles earlier in their trip. The friends described Raizel and Hindy in the most glowing terms, highlighting their wonderful personalities, their warmth, their sensitivity, their ehrlichkeit and how beloved they were by all who knew them.
“There was nothing they wouldn’t do for others,” they said. “They brought such joy to others and such nachas to their families. There are no words to describe how special they were or the feelings now of those who knew them.”
This tragedy has shaken the girls’ families and friends, plunging them into mourning. Two gems have been plucked from our midst.

Levayah arrangements are being finalized. Further details will be provided as they become available.


Anonymous said...

What a bitter & sad tragedy not only to the families and school mates of the beautiful girls but also to the rest of Klall Yisroel etc. Perhaps it's time to suggest that it's time that we all MUST improve our Tznius as the Pasuk says כִּי ד' אֱלֹהֶיךָ מִתְהַלֵּךְ בְּקֶרֶב מַחֲנֶךָ לְהַצִּילְךָ וְלָתֵת אֹיְבֶיךָ לְפָנֶיךָ "וְהָיָה מַחֲנֶיךָ קָדוֹשׁ וְלֹא יִרְאֶה בְךָ עֶרְוַת דָּבָר וְשָׁב מֵאַחֲרֶיךָ" we see from this that if there is a lack of Tznius than Chas VeSholom there might be tragedies, as it happened here. May Hashem give all the families a true נחמה and be Zoche to the Geulah very soon.May all their neshamos have an Aliya ת.נ.צ.ב.ה.

NOTE: there are those Poskim who say that that a Jewish women should not be driving a car.

אנחנו חייבים לשפר הצניעות, והיות ויש בדבר חוסר צניעות של ממש שהרי אסרו נהיגה driving לנשים והעיקר משום חוסר צניעות, וכל כבודה בת מלך פנימה. *וכן פסקו הג"ר מנשה קליין האדמו"ר מאונגוואר זצ"ל (שו"ת משנה הלכות יב ש) *והגר"ש וואזנר זצ"ל (שו"ת שבט הלוי ד א) *והגר"מ גרוס שליט"א. הם טוענים שהדבר מבליט את האשה וגורם משיכת תשומת לב רבה. *גם טוענים שישנה בעיה בלימוד נהיגה עם מורה גבר. *גם טוענים טענה נכונה שאין עליה שום קושיות, שהדבר דומה לרכיבה על סוס שנאסר לאשה ע"פ שו"ע. *גם טוענים שהדבר גורם סכנה של תאונות דרכים – ע"פ הסטטיסטיקה, נשים גורמות הרבה יותר תאונות מגברים. *גם מרן שר התורה הגר"ח קניבסקי שליט"א שאסור לאשה אף בשעת הדחק לנהוג ברכב משום איסור של לא ילבש אשה שמלת גבר

Dusiznies said...

What do these poiskim think of a lady taking a cab? Isn't the Issur of Yichud stronger than the inyan of Tzniyus?
Also we have a principle in Shas, that if you cannot enforce a rule, in other words, if you know in advance that the Tzibbur will not abide by the rule, the Rabbis are prohibited from making that rule in the first place...
so to conclude, most religious women drive and will continue driving..