Sunday, August 30, 2015

Satmar Newspaper "Der Yid" Goes "Online"!

Satmar hypocrites can now go on their  smartphones or their computers and get their dose of anti-Semitic news online!

Even though their leader R' Zalman Leib Teitelbum has prohibited his chassidim from having a smartphone or a computer at home, Der Yid has nevertheless decided to go online!

So what's up with that?
Only Satmar yiddish speaking Yoileez would ever read Der Goy, so why did Der Goy go online?
Well, the answer is very simple .... Satmar realized that banning smartphones and computers is like beating a dead horse. The ban will never be observed; every Satmar yungerman has two phones, one "kosher" one that he brings to shul and one smart phone that he keeps on vibrate, in his side pocket.

Der Yid also knows that the chassidim are all on their phones texting on shabbos and the sales and circulation of the newspaper went down the drain, so to boost sales, why not put it online? So instead of the chassidim reading DIN on Shabbos ...they can now access Der Goy online!


Unknown said...

Anti Semitic? U R ! מחלל שבת שגץ גוי שקרן, שפל ונבזה וחדל אישים .
Shame upon you, low life, loser & scumbag.

Unknown said...

Dusizshmitz .
נידריג-טרעכטיגער, נבלה סרוחה, טוה תשובה מהרה.