Friday, August 7, 2015

Mazal Tov Schumer will Vote against the Iran Deal but doesn't have a news conference

Schumer, as we all know, loves the limelight and would stand in front of cameras and a microphone to announce a new tie, but when it came to announce his decision in a matter that was probably  the most important vote in his entire political career, did not have the decency to call a news conference or face the cameras, but instead snuck in his statement to vote against the deal during a time when the nation was occupied with the Republican debate.

Normally, I would call him a coward, a man unlike Trump, who would have publicized his decision in front of the entire world. S
Since Schumer did at the end succumb to pressure and will vote against the deal, I will not chastise him for doing it in secretive  manner., and will applaud him!


Anonymous said...

As much of a skunk that Schumer is, he is still practical. Even though he badly wants to be Senate leader, Obama cannot reward him with the post if his NY constituents vote him out of office. I kid you not that Schumer has previously specialized in riling up nursing home patients with his broken Yiddish that Republicans are "anteh-Semitten" so vote for me, while he shepherds them on to shuttle buses headed to the voting stations. But even half-senile seniors know that Obama wants Iran to kill the Jews.

Barry E. said...

I wouldn't call him a coward. True, he decided to forgo his orgasm in front of the microphone, but it was still a hard decision for him to make. It basically goes against his democratic מהלך that he's been mired in for so many years.

Anonymous said...

Schumer didn't have much choice because the ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Elliot Engel, also a Jewish NY Democrat, came out against Iran & Obama.

If Schumer didn't follow suit he would have looked like a huge putz in the frey temple circuit which is his base.

One of the factors contributing to the two lawmakers’ negative decision was the conduct of the International Atomic Energy Agency Director Yukiya Amano. He told the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday, Aug. 6, that he cannot divulge “confidential details” on the arrangements to examine Iran’s nuclear research "for any possible effort to develop a nuclear bomb."

Although the inspection arrangements are the linchpin of the nuclear accord, Amano stonewalled on the many questions about its details, saying he was not “authorized to share or discuss confidential information.”

The committee chairman Sen. Bob Corker R-Tenn. commented after the hour-long session with Amano, “I would say most members left here with greater concerns about the inspections regime than they came in with.”

Congress was already fuming after Kerry claimed at a hearing before the House Foreign Affairs Committee last week, in answer to multiple questions, that he had not seen the contents of the two “side agreements” to the Iran nuclear deal reached between Iran and the IAEA.

Pressed for answers, Kerry said he had been briefed on this material but had not seen it himself. The Secretary also said, “I don’t believe Susan Rice, national security adviser, has seen it,” when he was quoted as saying on another occasion that she had seen the document.

Anonymous said...

The Guardian Angels publicly came out against Obama which is important in influencing blue collar voters that Obama is wrong.

OU Crony Watch said...

The OU's Nathan Diament who was Obama's basketball hoop buddy in Harvard Law, was doing so much tuchess lecking of Obama that the Fox News anchor actually wasn't sure whose side Diament was on and had to specifically ask Diament if he disagreed with Obama, which when put against the wall, Diament admitted that he did because he works for the OU who are against Obama.

Anonymous said...

Do you know who IS looking like a huge putz right now if not Schumer?

>DICK< Durban is trying to convince the rest of the Democrats to vote for Iran-Obama.

Anonymous said...

DIN, stop the presses! Mordechai Tendler announced to the 7 people this morning in his almost minyan that he still hasn't decided which side he is endorsing.

Anonymous said...

Tendler is conferring with Dovid Weinberger.