Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Megyn Kelly, Trump's Tormentor ..... who is she? Really?

She’s a liberal and always has been. The lumpenconservatariat fools who digest everything they are served at FOX News think she’s one of them, and they are wrong.

 She’s not a journalist.  She’s a failed former lawyer who wanted to be famous as her ambition in life. 

She’s already said in press interviews that she wants to be the next Barbara Walters or Diane Sawyer because we apparently need more Caitlyn Jenner two-hour specials and more people answering, “If you were a twee, what twee would you be?”

She nearly left FOX News for ABC, but she wanted to be the star and ABC couldn’t guarantee that, but Roger Ailes did. And in true keeping with her fame-whorism, Kelly wanted herself and her hair extensions to be the stars of Thursday’s GOP debate, NOT the candidates themselves. Everything’s all about her and her narcissism. Me, me, me, me. And yes, from the shoulders down, that isn’t her real hair. Those are hair extensions some women in India sacrificed to Krishna and Vishnu. Just sayin’.

If you think she’s conservative, ask her what she’s conservative on (she’s announced she isn’t conservative on any social issues) and why she dumped her first husband and bragged about it on FOX News. 
The answer: 
she dumped him so she could marry a Mr. Mom wimp in the form of a novelist I never heard of, named Douglas Brunt–the last name being so appropriate in spades. Megyn Kelly is the man in that family..  She doesn’t particularly like men, and Trump got more than a taste of that.

She’s not a journalist, and it shows. Kelly never checks her facts, which is why she got easily duped into promoting a fake “human shield”–Hezbollah tramp Hanan Kahwaji a/k/a “Brigitte Gabriel”–on her news show. 

And why she got caught in a laughable flop during her much hyped interview of Bill Ayers. She said she learned about Muslim honor killings, which she didn’t know about, by reading Michelle Fraudkin’s website. Wow, what an ignoramus! 

She’s not a reporter, not a journalist, and not informed. She’s a celebrity, which is what she always wanted–a supermodel. She’s on FOX News for one reason and one reason only: she looks good. And it’s show biz.

The pretentious names of her children–Yardley, Yates, and Thatcher–are the surest sign of being a low-class attention-seeker. You can always tell the pretenders and the wannabes by the fancy names they give their kids–names destined to be stripper names in less than a decade. Notice me, notice me, notice my kids and their fancy names! Aren’t we exotic!

And that, dear readers, is Megyn Kelly –and FOX News–in a nutshell. Nothing worth watching or caring about.
Trump is the only excitement in the GOP right now, and Kelly can’t stand it. So,she is gonna trash him to promote herself like the cheap suit that she is.

IN 2010 Megyn Kelly went on with shock-jock Howard Stern and discussed her breast size, her husbands penis and sex during pregnancy, some "journalist"

Ten days ago two UNDOCUMENTED
illegals raped and hammered a 64 year old woman to death in Santa Maria, California. Victor Aureliano Martinez Ramirez and Jose Villagomez broke into Marilyn Pharis' home. Raped her and hammered her repeatedly. She died a couple of days later. Fox did not report her death for days. It appears that they did not want the public to know that Trump was correct in his assessment of many of those sneaking into the USA.

    Did I mention that Megyn Kelly said she respects Hillary Clinton “and all that she’s achieved.” Um, what has she achieved exactly? 

    And Kelly said that if she lands an interview with Hillary, she will feed her softball questions.
     “I think Hillary Clinton could handle me — easily. . . . If you want to get big-name Democrats who are running for president, do you want to annihilate them? Of course not.” Yes, she did say that. Read it here

    Oh, and she says that if she interviewed Hillary Clinton, “that would be epic television.” 
    Wow, someone’s an egomaniac.

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