Thursday, August 27, 2015

Nadler goes crying to the ADL begging them to defend him

The ADL is defending the fat slob Nadler even though he took a sharp blade to stab his constituents in the back!
He got all impressed because after seven years, Obama finally invited him to the White House!
After getting attacked by Holocaust survivors, his constituents, he went running like a cry baby to his friends at the ADL begging them to defend them!
Where was the ADL when Obama attacked Netanyahu? Hmmm?
I urge my readers to keep attacking this piece of human waste on social media!

Meanwhile, 200 Retired US Generals Lobby Congress To Reject Iran Deal Nearly 200 retired US generals, admirals and former political officials have come out strongly against the Iran nuclear accord, and have called upon Congress to sink the on the grounds that it will “enable Iran to become far more dangerous.”

Among the signatories are top former career officers from every branch of the US military, as well as officials who have served in the White House, under both Democratic and Republican administrations, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) on Wednesday condemned “hateful rhetoric” directed against Rep. Jerrold Nadler and other Members of Congress who have announced support for the nuclear agreement with Iran, and sharpened its call to reject “vicious ad hominem attacks” as part of the debate about the deal.
According to reports, the comments section of Nadler’s Facebook page is replete with Nazi analogies, vulgarities and obscenities, including references to him as a “stinking kapo,” a coward and traitor to the U.S. and Israel, and one particularly appalling statement that read, “When you die there no place for you on Jewish cemetery.”
“We are disgusted by many of the obscene and offensive comments that are being directed against Congressman Nadler on Facebook by individuals who resent his support for the Iran agreement, including many individuals in the Jewish community. Unfortunately, comments on social media platforms are poisoning the atmosphere. They have clearly crossed the line and gone too far,” Jonathan Greenblatt, ADL National Director, and Evan Bernstein, ADL New York Regional Director, said in a joint statement. “Hateful rhetoric that invokes Nazism and demonizes an individual is unacceptable. It has absolutely no place in public discourse, particularly when referring to a widely respected public servant like Mr. Nadler.”
“No matter one’s politics or views on the Iran deal, vicious, ad hominem attacks are unacceptable in any circumstance. Political leaders, opinion leaders, and public figures across the spectrum should set an example by rejecting such rhetoric and forcefully speaking out against language that dehumanizes,” the ADL added.
The three prominent NY Jewish Democrats who came out against the Iran nuclear deal also issued a joint statement on Tuesday condemning the “unacceptable” and “inappropriate” rhetoric from both sides in the debate over the deal.
“We remain concerned that individuals on both sides of the debate have resorted to ad hominem attacks and threats against those who don’t share their opinions. This is unacceptable,” Representatives Eliot Engel, Nita Lowey, and Steve Israel said in a joint statement. “It is especially egregious to attribute malicious intent to decision makers who are thoughtfully debating the details and effects of the agreement.”
The Jewish lawmakers added, “No matter where you stand on the Iran deal, comparisons to the Holocaust, the darkest chapter in human history, questioning the credentials of long-standing advocates for Israel, and accusations of dual loyalty are inappropriate. We call upon those concerned about the consequences of the upcoming vote to refrain from attacks and focus on the substance of the agreement.”
Earlier on Wednesday, The National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) sent a letter of support to Nadler, highlighting his show of courage in voting his conscience on an issue that has already divided the American Jewish community.


Fu Man Choo said...

Nadler has more Chins than a Chinese telephone directory

Jerrold said...

I am running again to cry to the ADL as you speak because one of these Generals called me "tubby" and said my mother wears army boots.

Anonymous said...

The Left wing media is making it sound like unprogressive orthodox Jews are the only ones in Nadler's district who are angry at him. The media are covering up the truth. I saw a bunch of Bensonhurst Italians on Twitter so upset that they are practically ripping Nadler a new tuchess.

Obama's Iran deal is also being slammed by the National Hispanic Xtian Leadership Conference group.

Anonymous said...

Jesse Hamilton a Black State Senator joined Dov Hikind protesting against Nadler & Obumbum

Anonymous said...

Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy voting against Iran deal - breaking exclusive in NY Daily News

Anonymous said...

Watch this video,and see how the Satmar Kapo's of this generation indoctrinate their young ones in unadulterated vicious and pathological hatred towards Eretz Yisroel and it's Jews.
It should remind all of us,what the Nazi Germans did 70 years ago,when they set up the Hitler youth movement,for the sole purpose of poisoning the minds of their children with vicious Jew hatred,
of course this is much worse,because it is our own Jews doing it.
Please watch it and weep.

Joe the Plumber (Shmuel Yosef Wurzelbacher) said...

Even the slimy Abe Foxman, after issuing a bunch of mealy mouthed apologetics for Nadler said he is against the Iran deal

National Association to advance Fat acceptance said...

Nadler is on the phone crying that this blog is constantly making fun of his weight

gay aveck said...

Nadler is lying when he says he carefully weighed security interests, unless he means the security of his job because he figures that Upper West Side Liberals & Greenwich Village homos outnumber Brooklyn Jews. He is in for a big surprise come the election however when he finds out how many different ethnicities besides Brooklyn Jews don't want Obama to surrender to Iran.

And the hypocrite homos are nuts. Iran executes people for being gay yet the homos cannot see past their partisan Democrat worship to recognize that.

Anonymous said...

After major arm twisting by Obama & remozim that he can make problems for them if they don't cooperate, the counter-letter manufactured by Obama of Generals supposedly supporting him has only 36 signatures.