Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hamas captures Israel's Biggest Spy! A Dolphin!

From BBC:
Hamas claims to have captured a dolphin being used as an Israeli spy off the coast of Gaza, local media report.
The militant Palestinian Islamist group, which dominates Gaza, says the mammal was equipped with spying devices, including cameras, according to the newspaper Al-Quds (in Arabic).
It was apparently discovered by a naval unit of Hamas's military wing and brought ashore.
No photographs of the alleged marine secret agent have been released.
Al-Quds said that the newest recruit was "stripped of its will" and turned into "a murderer" by the Israeli security services.
It shows the extent of Israel's "anger" and "indignation" at the formation of Hamas's naval combat unit, the paper reports.
Israeli authorities have not commented on the media reports.

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Anonymous said...

This is no suprise. Leave it to the Yiddishe kop & ingenuity. Dolphins are not only the smartest marine animal but they are one of the only ones capable of killing sharks. US Navy Seals also use trained dolphins.

Back in the 1980s Tzahal special forces took out an underground terrorist bunker in Lebanon with sheer genius. They landed with helicopters far away and released a pack of aggressive Doberman Pinschers in the direction of a terrorist checkpoint near the bunker. The chickenlivered Arabs saw the dogs running towards them so they retreated to the bunker in a panic. The dogs followed them underground. Then the explosives strapped to the dogs detonated and blew the whole place sky high.