Thursday, August 6, 2015

Agudath Israel Leaders Meet With Senator Gillibrand On Iran Nuclear Deal

As the U.S. Senate entered the final days of its session before breaking for summer recess, a high ranking delegation of Agudath Israel of America leaders traveled to Washington earlier this week to meet with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D, NY) to discuss the organization’s deep concerns about the Iranian nuclear deal, and to urge her to vote against the deal.

In a meeting that lasted over half-an-hour, the Agudath Israel delegation delivered a clear message: the proposed deal with Iran is fraught with grave danger for America and its allies, especially Israel, and should be disapproved.

Senator Gillibrand, who was clearly knowledgeable about the many complex issues surrounding the proposed agreement yet deeply interested in the insights her guests brought to the table, took careful notes as the Agudath Israel leaders made their case. While she did not definitively indicate which way she planned to vote, the Senator spoke with great passion about the terrible threat a nuclear empowered Iran would pose, and she forcefully articulated America’s responsibility to prevent that threat from materializing.

After the meeting, Agudath Israel executive vice president Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel described Senator Gillibrand as “diligent and intelligent, sensitive to the concerns we raised and clear-eyed about the nature of the Iranian threat.  It was a privilege for us to have an opportunity to engage the Senator in intense face-to-face dialogue on this vital issue.”

The other members of the Agudath Israel delegation included three members of the organization’s board of trustees, Charles (Hashi) Herzka, Ralph (Shmuel Yosef) Rieder and Jacob (Yaty) Weinreb, as well as Agudath Israel’s executive vice president for finance and administration Rabbi Shlomo Gertzulin, and vice president for federal affairs Rabbi Abba Cohen.

The meeting with Senator Gillibrand was one of a series of targeted meetings Agudath Israel plans to have in the weeks ahead with Senators and Representatives who have not yet indicated how they intend to vote on the Iranian deal.  “We hope,” Rabbi Zwiebel said, “that the relationship many of our key constituents across America enjoy with their elected officials, and the perspectives we have to offer, will prove useful in persuading those officials to vote no on this dangerous deal.”


Chuck E. Sleeze said...

Shmuckie Chuckie Schumer met this past week with dozens of mostly secular Jewish leaders. When they asked him hard hitting questions about Iran, an insider tells the NY Post that Schumer "lost it, exploding with anger".

This means that Schumer only cares about his own kuved of becoming Senate Majority Leader before he cares about Klal Yisroel and the rest of Mankind. But because he is trying to lie to placate voters even as he screws them, he can't take the heat.

Don't trust Gillibrand either until you actually see her vote.

Anonymous said...

One political commentator said that Schumer will do anything for the prestige of Senate leader which Obama will not let him have if votes against Iran. So not only will the lowlife vote with Obama but he would even sell his grandmother for a few bucks if it helped.

Agudah Fresser said...

Where's Sol Werdiger? Hiding under the conference table?

Anonymous said...

this meeting will be offset by the pressure from the Satmar Romanian gypsy Jew hating gangsters,who will ask him to support Obummers deal with Iran.
The two KAPPO Teitelbaum (pieces of filth) brothers,will personally intervene and ask Schummer to support the Iran deal and thereby hasten the demise and destruction of our Eretz Yisroel,just like this bastard Aron Teitelbaum "yemach shemo" had his mayor of Kiryas Joel write letters to all the senators and congressmen of N.Y to boycott and walk out of Bibi's speech in front of congress.

Anonymous said...

Gillibrand abandoned the jews ;even after a visit from the Agudah