Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lipa gets flack because he says that Chassidishe women look ugly with shaved heads and has support from a Rashi!

Lipa just woke up the dead! 
There has been a custom by Chassidim and the  Oberlander (Hungarians from Pressburg area) community that once a woman gets married, she shaves all her hair off, bald like the palm of your hand!
There is absolutely no mekor (basis) for this custom from the Talmud, Geonim, Rishonim or early Achronim for that matter! 
In matter of fact the opposite is true, the custom was actually that  woman had hair but had it covered!

The Zohar does extol the virtue of women, whose hair is never even seen by the "beams of her own house", but there is no mention that the Zohar Hakodoshs' own wife shaved her head!

Lipa bravely pointed out  Rashi's commentary in this week's Parsha Ki Seitzei to bolster his point!

The Torah discusses a soldier in a war who finds a beautiful lady in captivity and desires her. The Torah permits this soldier to take the women as a wife on condition that he shaves off her hair and has her nails grow.

Rashi comments on the words of the Torah that states "he should have her nails grow" that it is because, he would "be repulsed by her!"
The Torah wanted the soldier to be repulsed so that this practice of falling in love with a gentile girl in war not become a habit!

Based on this Rashi, Lipa warns Chassidic ladies in a video that bald heads is a repulsion and a turn off for the male gender.

Lipa's critics came out like roaches and rats.... attacked, screamed and yelled that Rashi only makes this comment about the soldier becoming "repulsed" on her long nails, but it seems from Rashi that he wasn't talking about the hair...
In other words, according to Rashi, the requirement of shaving off her hair is not because the soldier may becoming repulsed... because only the growing of long nails will repulse him!
Shaving off the hair is because of some unnamed reason according to Lipa's critics!

The truth is, that Rashi actually got his information from the Talmud Yevomos page 48 that actually supports Lipa!(see below).
Lo and behold Lipa has it right!

The talmud discussing this verse in the parsha states that 
Rebbe Eliezer said 
"that just like "shaving off the hair is a repulsion, so too is growing long nails!"
 So from this piece of Talmud in Yavamaos it seems that shaving off the hair of a woman is a greater repulsion than the nails!

So there you have it!
I actually like baldies, and I think that Rashi did too, that's why he only addressed the "repulsion" of the long nails!

There could be another reason why Rashi only mentions "repulsion" by nails and not by the shaving off the hair, and that is because  all rabbis agree (in the above Talmud)  that  shaving off the hair, is disgusting and ugly, but, I would think that not all rabbis  would agree that long nails are disgusting, so Rashi adds that long nails on a lady are just as disgusting as a lady with a shaven head!

The Gemarrah is very clear that a women with a shaven head is repulsive! No one argues this fact! 
The minhag of women having a full head of hair is thousands of years, and the "holy minhag" of women shaving their heads is only about 200 years at most!

Some other critics of Lipa say that those who instituted the  "Baldy Gezeirah" also saw this Rashi and nevertheless they saw fit to institute this insane rule, so it must be right! ........ 
With this twisted logic, you can destroy the entire Torah!
This is actually the underlying reason the Conservative movement changed the Torah! They saw the Rashi and saw the Torah but changed it anyway! Very dangerous!

So now we a learned a shtikal gemmarrah with a shtikal Rashi!


Romanisher Ferd said...

DIN, be careful what you say or Lipa's arch-critic Avremel Schorr might rip the masechta Yevomos out from your hands, vehamayvin yovin!

This takes the cake! said...

Neturei Karta shows up to start a confrontation at 770 over Lubavs against Iran!

Ramaz Kapo said...

Has Haskell 'the Rascal' Lookstein condemned his student?

Anonymous said...

Reb.Moishe has a shaila in his Igros Moshe,where a Girl promised her Chasan that she would shave her head after marriage,and now she has second thoughts and does not want to shave,and her question is,if she has to keep her promise or not?,
Reb Moishe's answer was,that she has absolutely no requirement to keep her promise,as shaving a womans hair has absolutely no MEKOR or basis whatsoever in HALACHA,and might in fact be against HALACHA,as we find quiet a few times in the GEMARA ,whereby it is forbidden for a woman to make heself ugly in front of her husband,and there is nothing more ugly than a woman with a shaved bald head.

Brisker said...

The Hungarians really go scratching to come up with a mekor for shaving heads but fall very short. They spread a rumor that it was written from the Vaad Arba Aratzos except I haven't met anyone yet who can find this supposed item. Menashe Hakutten of Ungvar stretches a Tashbatz that seems to be on a different inyan.

One rumor that makes sense is women wanting to appear unattractive to Cossacks even though it would only stop rape but not being killed & quartered by those bloodthirsty savages.

Anonymous said...

Councilman Greenfield told a press conference he called up Ezra Friedlander to tell him off for his sick dishonesty about Iran & for trying to conceal that Fatty Nadler paid him OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS to propagandize & whitewash for him!

Trent said...

I think the heimishe apologists splitting hairs over fingernails are secretly listening to goyishe music

Anonymous said...

Klipa Schmeltzer at it again

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying that this is a minhag for every community but it certainly was the Minhag kadosh of certain parts of Klal Yisroel from Europe (from the Vaad Araba Arzos) and Lipa certainly has no reason to try to change it.

Dusiznies said...
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Dusiznies said...

8:57 AM
The Minhog "kadosh" of women having hair is a lot older the "minhag kadosh' of having women shave their hair and be repulsive!
Lipa is not changing anything, Lipa is only advocating the normal way for our holy women, and he has support from the Torah parshas Ki Seitzie as understood by the Gemarrah in Yevamois and the Sifri!

Anonymous said...

"Avremel Schorr might rip the masechta Yevomos out from your hands"
Avremel will have alot to answer for after his 120. Especially after he publicly embarassed Lipa at a wedding. The man is an arrogant prick and a bully.
please spare me the bullshit about making fun of a gadol. He is very very far from a gadol.

Schorr haBor said...

Grabbing the microphone like a ferd was nothing compared to when Schorr ganged up with the fanatic "Taliban" Friedman to sabotage the concert. There was no warning & they caused many people besides Lipa to lose a combined total in the millions of dollars.

Just who is this maniac Friedman? He claims to follow "Daas Toyrah", but that's only true when it suits him. He was thrown out by gedolim who he ignored their aitzos because the aitzos weren't fanatical enough to his liking.

Unknown said...

he is a regular idiot this lipa. he doesn't even know the simple meaning of a posuk chumash.

Dusiznies said...

he may very well be "a regular idiot" but he did learn the correct pshat in Rashi.... read my post!

Anonymous said...

Afra b'puma