Monday, August 24, 2015

Ezra Friedlander Fiasco Continues ...

Ezra davening Mincha

This naive buffoon, Ezra, continues to make a fool of himself.
 He was on the  Zev Brenner Show this Saturday night and admitted that he got paid to whore himself out to Fat Nadler!
Another guy would crawl back into his miserable cave, but not this arrogant kapo!

He continues to use out right chutzpah and dares to call the Jewish Survivors in a tweet "unintelligent, ignoramus types" because they refuse to read Nadler's pathetic excuse for voting with the Iranians, Russians and Chinese to place Nuclear bombs facing Israel!

Hey Ezra.... we don't need to read Nadler's garbage ...
Why don't YOU read the actual deal? 
Schumer read it and finds this deal to be dangerous to the United States and Israel!
Shame on you, you pathetic money whoring creature!

I believe in what i wrote--its actually pretty lame but for the unintelligent, ignoramus types who cant take 5 minutes to read tough luck!


Loser Watch said...

When Friedlander was repping the LOSER David Weprin who tries to masquerade as orthodox even though he is not, he couldn't find any important figures to provide endorsements, not just because Weprin is not really orthodox but because he was twisting the Torah to fit with the gay agenda.

Weprin finished in last place by the way in a field of many candidates.

Zalmi Teitelbaum said...

Vee vere afrraid dat Nadler vas going to vote like da Tzioni Schumer so vee figured dat da easiest vay to a man's hartz is troo his stomach so vee promised him an overstuffed Romanisher pastrami sandvich fin Gottlieb restaurant on Roebling St if he voting tzezamen mit Iran and Obama.

Sam said...

lol zalmi