Monday, August 31, 2015

Father of Child Rejected from 1st Grade in Rechasim Takes his Own Life

I don't really know what precipitated this man to kill himself.
A neighbor said that he was very distraught because yesterday morning he received a call from the school that his 5 year old daughter was rejected from attending the school. And that was the straw that broke the camel's back!

Why was the child rejected? Why isn't there room for a Jewish child in a Jewish school?
If there isn't room, build another classroom.
This problem is in the US as well. Schools have made their own demented rules for not admitting Jewish children!
There are schools in Lakewood and in Israel that will not allow a child in the school, if the parents work! 

There are schools that won't allow children in if the parents own a smart phone!

I say that if a Jewish child wants to learn Torah... admit the child! Finished!

If you can't accept children only if they follow your crazy sick rules, shut your doors!

In Monsey Yeshivah Ateres Tzvi, closed it's doors, I don't have the details or the facts, why it closed, but now other Yeshivas do not want to take those children in!
Can you imagine? What is going on? 

All I hear and see is brochures and posters about Loshon Harah! 
How about admitting ALL children that want to learn Torah?

A new Sefer was just published about Loshon Harah from the Chofetz Chayim, a precise translation of the original Hebrew Sefer....
I had a chance to peruse the sefer, and couldn't find one line stating that it is a Choiv Kadosh, a Holy obligation, to accept ALL children in Yeshivah .... not one line in this entire thick book!

Where are our values?
 So now we can't call out a principle of a Yeshivah that refuses to accept Jewish Children that don't fit the criteria of the school, because this new English Sefer writes that it is forbidden to speak about the principle?
Well I say that it is a "Mitzvah Le'farseim" to talk about them! Absolutely!

There are Chassidish schools that will only admit a child if he has a 4 part kipot, if it's 8 part they send home a note.  I'm not kidding! 
One school will not allow eyeglasses to be plastic, and there is another school that will not allow wire rimmed eyeglasses! Sheer madness!
In New Square a family was informed that their youngest child will not be admitted into school because the mother wore a snood instead of a turban while she was bullsh__G with her friends outside!

I know I will get emails stating that the values of the house is not on par with the values of the school!
well, isn't that just too bad! 
Isn't that what education is all about?
Maybe just maybe if you admit this child, the parents will automatically get in line?

The Menahlim and the principles and the Rabbonim running these schools have blood on their hands!
Stop with the Loshon Harah campaigns, and let's start exposing these bastards before it's too late!

This tragic story happened yesterday at 11:00 am. 
A resident of Rechasim, a man in his 50s employed as a driver, transporting chareidi children in the city was not answering his phone. His employer continued calling but he did not respond. Calls were directed to his voice mail. 

As the hours passed there was growing concern for the man and a search began in an effort to locate him. 

 His lifeless body found in his vehicle near a shul in Kfar Chassidim 5:00PM. It appeared he had a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The details of the tragic story began to unfold during the hours that followed. The man did not leave a letter explaining his actions. He learned that morning that his daughter was rejected from first grade. ‘H’, a person who knew the niftar explained he believes the rejection of his child from school broke him – it was the final straw.

Ladaat News quotes ‘H’ saying “It is a mafia here in Rechasim. I will not give my name for if I do I will be a dead man. Tomorrow my daughter will be ousted from school and they will make sure to ruin my life and that of my family”.

‘H’ continued, explaining “I knew him well. He was about 50 and normative as you fine. His older daughters are married and now his little one was going into first grade however in the morning he learned she was not accepted. 

There may have been other factors but there is no doubt this is the straw that broke the camel’s back. He had no one to turn to and those he asked for help did not assist him”.

The niftar’s mechutin was maspid him at the levaya, calling on the tzibur of Rechasim to do a cheshbon nefesh, adding “Do not say ‘my hands did not spill this blood’”.

Police determined the niftar used his own handgun to take his life.


Anonymous said...

In America it is not just in Lakewood that kids have no yeshiva / BY to go to.

Whole mishpochos sit around crying from the yisurim and have other cascading problems from it.

I have personally tried to intervene. Got dodged by rabbonim, or their families act like rude chazirim by the front door because chalila that anyone should bother a rabbi even though Rav Chaim Brisker said the purpose of a rov is to help people that have tzoris. Find a choshuva rov here & there with a good heart who is pained & wants to help but the school administrations give the run around no matter how choshuv the rabbonim so far.

"Chinuch" is a business these days after Margulies started the trend 45 years ago.

Anonymous said...

dont have to look any further than right here in monsey where there is a shortage of pre-school spots even before the collapse of ateres tzvi. the yeshivos could fix the problem but are not particularly interested

Halacha said...

The Chofetz Chaim seemingly chooses to ignore this whole topic but other great poskim do not. (Although someone who is a boki in sifrei Chofetz Chaim tells me you can be medayek that he really agrees with the Chazon Ish).

The Chazon Ish writes in his sefer on Shulchan Aruch that there is no issur to tell the truth about those in leadership positions since the public has a right to know if they are behaving correctly. Rav Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz in a written psak published in 1923 says there is actually a chiyuv to expose "leaders" behaving improperly.

Yasher Koyach DIN for this necessary pirsum.

Anonymous said...

Margulies started his yeshiva with stolen money from Torah Vodaas. Margulies could have been sanctioned by the Rabbonim but they chose to ignore the situation so this embolded him and he treated his yeshiva like his personal piggy bank. Ayzeh who chachem haroeh es hanolad (he who is smart sees the outcome). People need to start using their own brains and stop relying on do gooders!!!

UOJ gets results said...

Originally, Margo as he is infamously known, was not sanctioned. That came from a later generation of sissy rabbonim.

Margo - a peasant from Satmar - was the bus driver at Torah Vodaas who spent his spare time nosing around the office for files to steal on donors, etc.

He had the chutzpa to call his new rogue entity by the same name Torah Vodaas. He later changed it to Torah Temimah to get the heat off himself.

R' Yaakov Kaminetzky was very upset & said that Torah Temimah will ultimately fail since it is built on thievery & sheker. Lately they are cutting shiurim in every grade, Margo is frantically hiding assets to judgement proof himself from Kolko victims and still paying Kolko hush money that is laundered by Yonason Tendler, 1st cousin of hamenuvol Mordechai. When investigative reporter Hella Winston followed the money trail, Tendler took off for Israel at the time.

The first time that rabbonim started covering up was around 1986 by that infamous meeting at Scheinerman's shul.

There were a few tzadikim trying to stop it - Rav Pam, Rav Avigdor Miller, old Tenka Rov but they were no match for diehard cover up conspiracy.

Finally about 10 years ago it took Rabbi Feivy Mendlowitz all the way in California to say enough is enough and he almost singlehandedly brought the roof down on all those sick bastards managing the cover up: Margo, Kolko, Izzy Belsky, C.P. Scheinberg, Yankel Applegrad, Dr. Tuvya Chaim "bungalow putz" Neuhoff, Bentzion Schiffenbauer, Willy Wiesner, Shea Fishman, Avi Shafran, Chaim Dovid Zweibel, "Grand Rabbi" Perlow

Hozen said...

Check out Vuzizneis .crazy Reasoning

Hozen said...

You should check out this Drivel

ROTZCHIM! said...

A member of the vaad in charge of yeshiva placements in Rechasim showed up at the levaya where people screamed at him that he has a chelek in the retzach.

An aide to the Moetzes of Shas is telling the media that these yeshiva "vaadim" all over the place have to do a cheshbon hanefesh how much tzaar they are causing people and reducing the parents to a level less than animals because even animals usually have the means to take care of their offspring.

Anonymous said...

another bastard from the kolko cover up is kolko's dear friend "rabbi" lipa geldwerth who spent years publicly attacking people like hirsch & greenwald who he mistakenly thought were the author of the uoj blog, as if it's a bad thing to stop a serial child molester. he never apologized to those people when uoj revealed himself as mendlowitz

Anonymous said...

Anti-Semitic shvartza in Congress Yvette Clarke the Farte with a record of voting against Israel is voting for Iran.

How is she elected when so many heimishe Yidden live in her district?

Churban of seminary rejections said...

"הילדות בוכות, הילדות נקרעות; רוצחים! נחרב לנו הבית"
הרב שלמה מיארה, אב לנערה שלא התקבלה לסמינרים באלעד, בראיון דומע וקורע לב: "נחרב לנו הבית. הם רוצחים! למה להתעלל בנו? ילדות יושבות ובוכות, איפה עם ישראל?" • צפו בכאב בארץ

Sick out there and getting sicker said...

In some Monsey chassidishe yeshivos you need not just big protekzia to get your kids in but a bribe of about $10,000 to $15,000 in cold, hard cash.