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Labin the"yukel" makes a fool of himself on his "Op-Ed" about the Iran deal! UPDATED!

 Labin der Baal Darshan
I understand that this Labin guy is an askin, and does much good for the community.Especially for those in need of kidneys. 
But this "askunis" business goes to their heads and they feel so important, thinking that their opinion is Toras Moshe, and that everyone out there is waiting with bated breath to hear what they have to say!
They won't G-d forbid, blog, because "men tur nisht."
Many of these "askunim" are are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, but the community does need  to function,so they butter these "askunim"  up, so that they continue doing what their doing for the benefit of the community.
Make no mistake, we need them and we appreciate what they do!! 
Having said that, I have a hunch  that Labin was put up by Satmar Community to support the Hungarian barbarians in their futile quest to destroy The State of Israel. 

I believe that Labin  initially refused and said "I can't do that,because a lot of the kidney donors and wealthy benefactors and their families  will go berserk because most of the donors are NOT Satmar and will be totally  turned off from my organizations and will start donating to the Goyishe Kidney Mosdos." Chas Ve'sholem."

Satmar needed someone of "stature" someone "very liked" to put forth their childish Shit'ah. What better guy than  Labin, the patsy, who  filled the bill perfectly. So they recruited Labin and pressured him to write the  Op-Ed in the Aronie Satmar website Vosiznies and they instructed the fool,  to write the article  with pro-Iranian undertones but to make it  look like he's actually advocating "silence"!

Labin wouldn't come out and say what's really on his mind, that he supports the dangerous archaic Satmar view that supports the deal, because then he can wave his organizations, goodbye!

All this to make sure that the "Satmar Shketzim" that are on the web will get the sick Satmar agenda, from a "nice" askin that deals with Jews getting kidneys!

So here is Labin"s nonsensical garbage in an op-ed:

My comments in red!
Labin: I have been silent about the Iran deal. I didn’t protest in the streets. I didn’t sponsor ads in The New York Times. It’s not because I lack concern or that I care less about the Jewish people. I am soundless because that is, in my view, the right thing to do.
DIN: In the famous words of the Brisker Rav "So it doesn't hurt you? 
 if it did,....  you would certainly scream!" 

How could you be silent? How could you not protest? How could you not sponser an Ad in The New York Times? 
Are you devoid of any emotions?
The "right thing to do?" Are you insane? 
Isn't the "right thing to do" when you see a country swearing to annihilate your brothers and sisters ... to scream on the top of your lungs?

Labin: I am not silent because I know less than those who are vocal about it; I have as much interest as them. I am concerned about it like every good Jew who is worried about his people.
DIN: You don't know "about the deal"? 
What's there to know? 
The ayatollahs are saying outright that they want to murder all Jews living in Israel! Hellllllllowwww? Millions of Iranians went out to the streets to scream "Death to America"  "Death to Israel" That's not enough to convince you?
What else do you want to know?

Labin: I am not silent because I believe in the deal; I don’t.
I am silent because I can’t know for sure what the real solution is. I cannot let shallow arguments and politically driven agendas lead me when the lives of my brothers are at stake.
DIN: Whaaaaat? "shallow arguments?"  "politically driven agendas? Words right out of Der Goy and Der Shmaateh!
Do you think that Senator Schumer who read the deal and whose politics would actually benefit him if he was for the deal, was "driven by political agendas?"
How about the Moetzes Gedoilie Ha'torah? Were their arguments "Shallow?" Were they driven by political agendas? Or were they genuinely concerned about their fellow Jews?
And if it's actually true that you don't "believe in the deal" how can you in the same sentence say that the arguments are "shallow"?
Mr Labin: tell us, please, which are the "shallow arguments?" tell us "what arguments are "politically driven agendas?"

And your "silent" stance .... is that not "shallow arguments?" Isn't your "silent" stance driven by a "political agenda?"
You write "when the lives of my brothers are at stake." That statement is a bunch of bullsh__ and you know that because if you cared you wouldn't have written this piece.

You only write "brothers"
And what about your "sisters?" You think the Iranians won't  murder and rape your 'sisters?" 
Whats with this "brothers" crap?

Labin: In his wonderful book on the Holocaust Churban Europe (Destruction of Europe), Rabbi Afraim Oshri z’’l, wrote about his Rabbi, a giant of Torah Rav Abraham Kahane Shapiro— the author of the Dvar Avrohon and Rosh Yeshiva Kovnotells that when the Nazis established the camps and the ghettos, they created a system of local Jewish leadership, known as Judenrat. These “councils” of Jewish leaders were meant to keep order and make the destruction of local Jewish populations easier and more manageable. The evil Nazis—with their obsession of monstrous control— wanted to make their death machine effective. The Judenrat, in their stead, had the indescribable mission of deciding which lives to save and which lives to give over to the genocidal Germans. TheJudenrat knew that if they did not follow their cruel orders and intervene, the Nazis would kill the whole local Jewish population. Knowing that their role was in unenviable one, they played God, choosing people to live based on whether one was “work worthy” and give up others who weren’t fit to work the arduous slave labor the German war machine needed to sustain their disastrous military campaigns.
Rabbi Shapiro told his followers, the Orthodox Jewish activists, not to be part of the Judenrat, explaining that you need to let people die in that position! We, people of faith and Torah, can’t make these decisions in seconds. Let non-religious Jews make these decisions based on health and natural momentarily logic. Whatever they find best in the awful circumstances, they can do without all the doubt that an observant Jew would have.”
DIN: Whaaaattt ????? 
What gibberish?
Didn't  Gedoilei Hador march during WW2 to the White House on Shabbos to protest FDR?
 And to put the name of the holy Rav Oshri, the author of "Mee Mamaakim" to your sick demented op-ed?
Rav Oshri was talking about the Judenrat, Rav Oshri wasn't talking about not screaming and protesting against the accursed Nazis!
I knew Rav Oshri, he lived on the lower east-side, he was all for protesting against the then communist soviet union!
He would have been on the forefront condemning this murderous deal!
So now you are giving us a lesson in history? You condescending meshigigener!
I'll give you a lesson in history! The Satmar Rebbe and the Belzer told Jews in 1942,1943 that had passports to the US and Palestine ... not to emigrate because the Nazis will never come to Hungary and Roumania, while they and their families escaped ..... and their flock, that remained, turned up as lampshades in Berlin!
It seems that you and Ezra (the chuchem fin der ma-nishtana) Friedlander, are on the Judenrat!

Labin: 8.3 million people live in Israel of which 6.3 million are Jews. Should the Iran deal be passed by Congress, and if we are to believe Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Republican Party and the mainstream of Israeli leadership, millions of those Jewish Israeli lives will be in danger.  And if we are to believe President Obama, most of the Democratic Party and those on the Israeli political left that if the Iran deal should fail, millions of Israeli lives will be in danger. If we are skeptical of both sides, these lives will still be in danger, if not from a nuclear apocalypse, then certainly from regular acts of terror and war.
DI:Bla bla bla bla , I won't even answer this childish gibberish!
"if we are skeptical of both sides"?   Bla Bla Bla What lunacy? Crazy reasoning!
Labin: Eight million lives is way too much lives to make it a political festival. Eight million lives is too much for me to jump to conclusions and be vocal about, when I know that I don’t know enough.
DIN: Ok "8 millilion" dead people is "too much for you you to come to any conclusions." 
So tell me Mr. judenrat, how many million dead would make you come to a reasonable conclusion? How many?
"political festival?" Ok I'm giving a kidduah on Shabbos because you learned a new word, "festival" 
"Eight million lives is way too much lives to make it a political festival" ? What the hell are you blabbbling about?

Labin: How to deal with Iran is an extraordinarily difficult question, even for non-Jews to wrestle. It involves so many factors that only few people can thoroughly understand: those who have a clear view of the issue, experts who have real data and intelligence, and an understanding of the science of nuclear capability. 
DIN: This guy is going from bad to worse! " extraordinarily difficult question, even for non-Jews to wrestle?' 
This deal is actually very simple! And it's not even a "question!"
When a sovereign country is threatened by its very existence, that country better do everything to secure its citizens. How about that? 
Whether its "8 million" or even if it were 2 million, if the country is threatened in any way, they must respond with deadly force!
So Mr. Judenrat, we Jews have a bloody history, we have been murdered, raped, and expelled. And now we are being threatened with annihilation,We now have a State with an army, and that army better do what every other country does and did, and that is doing the basics to protect their citizens! 
We don't need a guy with a flat hat telling millions of Jews to be silent! 
When was Satmar ever silent? Satmar isn't even silent when they want to annex land in Monroe. 
Why don't you tell your Satmar friends to remain silent?
Why are these Satmar bastards under the name "True Torah Jews" allowed to broadcast their hateful Iranian position on radio throughout the tri-state area? 
Why don't you tell them, to shut the hell up? Hmm?

We Jews facing annihilation will defend ourselves and we don't need you to lecture us to be silent!

"understanding of the science of nuclear capability?"

 My three year old grandchild understands the science of "nuclear capability" He understands that if you drop a bomb millions are going to get killed! 
But you the Chuchem doesn't understand that? 
You are bald faced liar and a snake!
Labin: Indeed,  the options of Israel and the free world to handle the situation at any given moment, the political and social dynamics within Iran (a state where most of the people are totally not as extreme as their hateful leaders), and the potential of inspections from an supposedly unbiased third party referee are issues wholly incomprehensible to those without the intimate knowledge of the region and it’s minute, complicated inner cultural logic.
DIN: This statement is a blatant baldfaced lie ...." potential of inspections from an supposedly unbiased third party "
The Iranians have made it very clear in the deal, that they will not allow OUTSIDE INSPECTIONS, period. They will inspect themselves!
You liar! It seems that you were right from the start, that "you know nothing!"

"Iran is a state where most of the people are totally not as extreme as their hateful leaders" 
Hey smarty pants Labin .. Hellllow? 
Isn't the US  negotiating with their "hateful leaders" Labin Batchie,we are not negotiating with the people of Iran.... you  idiot!
"complicated inner cultural logic?" Hey Labin, the inner cultural logic of Iran is to annihalte Israel. And after they get done with Israel they will attack the USA which by the way includes Monroe and Williamsburg. 
Labin: I would defer expert opinion to only those who have an idea of the bigger picture, who possess a real strategic view and perhaps a financial understanding on how far the sanctions can reach. 
DIN: So who has the "bigger picture?" The Satmar Rebbes? Der Yid? Der Blatt? R' Moshe Sternbuch?
Remember when the Satmar Rebbe said that the Israelis could have avoided the war in 1967? .... that bigger picture?
Who do you really think knows the "bigger picture"?
 How about 200 former US generals who came out with a statement that this deal is bad for America, Bad for Israel and bad for the entire world!
What Sanctions? You Clown? The sanctions are over and done with, you moron!

Labin: Any prediction on how the unpredictable Russian President Vladimir Putin and his allies will handle the passage of the deal would be helpful, as would any foresight into Iran’s inner political movements. A military perspective on this deal would be vital, as would alternatives to the potential deal.
DIN: Us Generals have said that this is a BAD DEAL! Now you have a "military perspective". Happy now?
"Any prediction on how the unpredictable Russian President Vladimir Putin"
Any "prediction how the unpredictable?" 
What craziness? What are you talking about?
Labin says that eventhough Putin is "unpredictable" his input will be "helpful?" 
Only a Talmud of Satmar can come up with such a cockamamie logic. Only a guy that was indoctrinated with the twisted SHIT'ah can come up with this fardreiteh "sevarah"

Labin: For me, only someone who knows it all or might know what the right call of action is would be a helpful ally. Of course, Obama and Netanyahu claim they know…
However, I admit that I dont know. I feel that my friends who are protesting in the street don’t know, or all the self proclaimed “experts” who rise from local politics, who usually spend their time on ideas on how to handle the neighborhood sanitation system don’t truly know either. And even they feel they have the issue sorted in their heart, how they dare jump and campaign on such a big, life-threatening issue!
DIN: So now he attacks those that attacked our good friend the Kapo Ezra, calling them, guys that handle the " neighborhood sanitation system" 
Hey Mr. Judenrat! We don't need to be experts or even know the deal to know that this is "bad for the JEWS"
Hey, do you really think that the Iranians wrote good stuff for the Jews in the deal????Hmmmm?

Labin: We are witnessing a sad reality, where every Jewish activist is outspoken on the issue. Every Jewish organization from the JDL to Neturei Karta, from J Street to the local Chabad house: Everyone have a strong opinion! As we know from the ancient Jewish proverb: “Two Jews, Three opinions”… everyone knows the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! And every politician working on the issues is working under enormous pressure to vote the way some their Jewish constituents—from both sides of the political spectrum—sees the issue.
DIN: I respect "J"street more than I respect you, Mr. Judenrat! At least they have an opinion! You have no opinion yet you seem save your mocking to those who are opposed to the deal... Why didn't you find space in your bizarre column to deride and mock those who support the deal?

Notice how he lumps the JDL, Neture Karta, J street and a local Chabad house, together"
Hey labin, what about the local Satmar Shteeble? Wouldn't they have an opinion?? 
By the way, the JDL no longer exists!
Labin: What we are seeing is an unhealthy condemnation dance, where every knacker is condemning his fellow macher and then the knakers friend with an office in the city is criticizing the macher for condemning the knaker who criticized the shvitzer …  We should sing it with the tune of Chad Gadya!
DIN: Words right out last week's Der Goy! What a condescending guy, as I said in my opening statement, askunim really think that they are important, and that they have the exclusive right to call other askunim: "Machers and Knakers!" 
What he really meant to say is what he himself is, a Kocker! There I said it!

Those "sanitation" guys and "machers" and Knakers" were elected in an election,in a democratic process, unlike you!
And we should sing your bizarre pathetic article with the tune of Eichah!

Labin: As a religious Jew, I can’t admire those who don’t care for our brothers in Israel and I can’t understand those who don’t have enough humbleness and self-awareness to doubt the judgment of outside critical voices. The ability to question a high-speed created conclusion, mainly made by political worldview, needs to be understood, not criticized at the outset.
DIN: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? Hey Mr. Judenrat, we are not now in the Kovno Ghetto... we are in the US, a country that its constitution writes clearly that we have the right to criticize and protest! And as Jews, when we see our brothers and sisters are in danger of annihalation we will  protest, criticize and scream ! Yes! Absolutely! 
"worldview?" are you talking about those nations for the deal, like Russia, France, Spain,? All with Jewish blood on their hands?
How about some Arab countries like Jordan Egypt, and saudi arabia who are actually against the deal?

And whats with "brothers" comment again? No sisters?

Labin: These are my humble observations: the Reform Jewish movement chose their liberal agenda over the faith of the Jewish people and their progressive image over the survival of the Jewish nation. The Zionist movement chose to follow the leadership in Israel and their affiliation with the Republican line.
DIN:Aha .... That sly fox .... I was waiting.... when will he say something about the Zionists....? When?
It took all this time for him to finally expose himself as a self-hating Jew with the Satmar anti-Jewish agenda!

 "The Zionist movement"???? 
Hey what should the "Zionist Movement" do when they have nuclear weapons aimed at their children .... hmmmjm? Say "ok , we will follow President Hussein Obama because he has Israel's back?

Oh! I have a better idea, maybe Netanyahu should  call R' Aron Teitelbaum in his comfortable home in Monroe... and ask him what to do...
or How about calling R' Zalman Leib Teitelbaum and ask him? 
"Zionist movement"..... I should have known when I saw his flat hat that he was a Satmar shill!

Labin: Yet, I don’t know what it will happen. As a lover of my Jewish brothers,
DIN: "As a lover of my Jewish brothers," You what ...? 

We dont need your love! I hope you don't love your very own children like you love your Jewish brothers."

and I guess you don't love your sisters!

Labin: especially those who visit the land of Israel annually and pray three times a day for Zion,
DIN: So you are worried only for those who go visit?
 What about those who actually live there?

Your'e only worried about those who "pray three times a day for Zion?" 
how about those Jews that don't daven 3x a day .... they can go to hell???

"pray three times a day for Zion" What a lie! 

They pray three times a day in the Shemonah Esrah by the blessing of V'Lamashinim" that the State of Israel should be, G-d forbid, eradicated!
Yup! Ask any Satmar Chusid what he has in mind by this very blessing!

Labin: I am thinking a lot about the dangerous consequences of the deal. I am worried. I pray anxiously for the survival of my brothers. I don’t want to see war, even if it ends with a clear defeat of the evil within Iran.
DIN: Whaaat? "even if it ends with a clear defeat of the evil" 
Insane!! This guy is a bono fide lunatic!

A crazed drunken Satmarer, that's the only thing that will explain this bizarre statement!

 Labin: A Jew cannot hope for bloodshed. I wish the deal works out, but I am not naïve and know it’s wishful thinking that there might be a big chances it will not succeed as intended.
For me, it makes no difference if you embrace Zionism or you see it as a negative movement, the threat is the same: the Iranian technology isn’t sophisticated enough to separate Zionists from non-Zionists, from Jews or non-Jews, from Muslims that are Arab or Persian, from Kurds or Bedouins…. The threat surrounds us all, for this is an issue fundamentally of security, not politics.
DIN: SO WHY ARE YOU SILENT????????????????????????????????

Guys ...listen to this insane comment:
"the Iranian technology isn’t sophisticated enough to separate Zionists from non-Zionists"

What would you say, Mr Judenrat, if the Iranians did have the technology to separate Zionists from non-Zionists? 
 would it then be ok for Iranians to murder them? 

This is the way Satmars think .... they think like Mengele YM"S ... let's separate Satmars from the  Zionists...
Satmars to the right, and Zionists to the left!

Labin: The vast majority of Orthodox Jews are concerned. Our silence shouldn’t be construed as a consequence of apathy nor laziness. Ideology against “Zionism-as-an-idea is, by most of us, just that. It is not, in any case, a disconnection from Jewish fate. We are silent, but our hearts are full of worry, of hope and of concern; of brotherhood, seriousness and humility.
DIN: "vast majority?" 
How about ALL Jews? 
What does "vast majority" even mean?
Yes, your "silence" is construed as apathy, laziness and your warped ideology vis a vis the State of Israel is sickening and did I say "wrong?" 

Labin:As an American Jew, I choose to stay mostly quiet. I don’t know what is the best for my people, but I do know that I can’t go against my people and I can’t go against my country. So what should all my fellow Jewish activists do? We should follow the prophet Jeremiah, who said: “It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord.”
DIN: Notice he calls himself an "American Jew" instead of saying a "Jewish American"

Hey Mr. Judenrat you "don't know what best for my people?" So why don't you join Islam?
Advocating against the deal, is not going "against your country" you bloody fool! The majority of this country is against the deal!

So with one hand you give a guy a kidney and with the other hand you rip his heart out ..... very nice!
"Nisht a goiser chuchem, in nisht a kleiner naar"
Next time, Mr. Labin write your crap in Der Goy!
DIN: Readers: Make no mistake, the above article was written by Satmar and masqueraded as an op-ed! If you read it carefully, you will see their twisted archaic irrelevant logic embedded in the article!

Rabbi Joel Labin is the founder of numerous Jewish relief organizations, He is a altruistic kidney donor and activist for live organ donation, a voice for humanitarian values within the Charedi Community, as well as a popular columnist in Yiddish publications. Rabbi Labin lives in Borough Park, Brooklyn with his wife and six children.


Hozen said...

Beutufully put keep it up ..we need more ppl like you to show the rest of the frumma velt what a bunch of traitors these Satmara scum are

Anonymous said...

DIN,you outdid yourself with this masterpiece ,please,please keep up your holy work in exposing our modern day SATMAR KAPO'S

concerned said...

Thank you for taking apart this madness. Every Jew should read this post, beautifully done.

I must also commend you, for the emotions so ellequintly communicated in you article. Any reader FEELS the anger, fusteration, indignation, and sheer contempt, you feel towards such nauseating, cruel, "mishegaas"....

Keep up the good work, and tizkeh lemitzvos.

Chanie said...

It's a mystery to me why someone proclaims that he doesn't have an opinion on a matter and then takes half an hour to tell you that he doesn't have an opinion on said matter. Did someone in Rabbi Labin's audience ask him where he stood on the Iranian deal, much like most of us when we were wondering where Senator Schumer stood before he finally let us know? If not, why were Labin's lips moving?

Mike said...

I don't understand how anyone can call this piece beautiful, it's one big piece of fallacious bias and attack. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, if you disagree with someone else, by all means go ahead and state your opinion and explain your disagreement, but to sit and spew hatred and personal attack because he dared to write what he thinks is by any means not logic or reason. I'm sorry but you didn't convince me one iota.

Dusiznies said...

I did what he did .... He mocked and derided his opposition and I did the same to him.....
If you can't take the heat ,,,, get out of the kitchen

Anonymous said...

wow interesting discovery, rabbi labin is a undercover worker for satmar. i had his feeling long ago

Anonymous said...

Dusiznies, Can you please tell me what the deal was? In detail please (I mean it's over by now, but just curious if you know..)