Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fanatics are crawling out ... R" Moshe Sternbuch Sternbuch Attacks Agudah for Lobbying Efforts Against Iran Nuke Deal

The Chareidie world is sinking faster than a bullet!
Their "Gedoilim,""Poiskim" and "leaders" are completely out of touch with reality and their flock ... 
so this must be times of the Geulah Shleimeh...

In the speech below, the fanatic R' Moshe Sternbuch says that Rabbis shouldn't "get involved in politics" 
But he is obviously not including himself...
He is allowed to talk politics!

These same Rabbis cursed the Reform Rabbi Stephen Wise because he didn't do enough for the doomed Jews in Concentration Camps during WW2....because he also didn't want to get involved in "politics." 
but here is a fanatic Rabbi telling Jews to stay out of politics but at the same time asking that American Jews support the murderous plan of the Iranians, and that's not "politics"!

These "poiskim" have no clue what's going on in the world except for what their handlers are telling them, and based on these mousy handlers the "poisek" makes statements that are ludicrous and out and out stupidity!

They think that they are above the American Moietzes Gedoilei Hatorah that advised Agudah to write that letter opposing the disastrous Iran nuclear deal!

 Time to cut these guys off .... to stop buying products from the Eida Chareidis and from the Hisachdus Ha'ganuvim!
Time to support ou exclusively! These "heimishe" hashgachos are a bunch of scam artists.

The following is the text of a rambling rant by Rav Moshe Sternbuch, RAVAD of the Fanatical Eidah Chareidis, on the subject of the Iran deal and American Jewish lobbying, given as part of his opening address for the beginning of the Zeman at his yeshiva, Yeshiva Gedolah of Ramot.

It has become public knowledge that Agudath Israel of America successfully lobbied members of Congress to vote against the President of the United States on the Iran deal. Their actions are very dangerous for world Jewry, because they are involving the religious Jews in the Zionists’ actions against the government, and who knows where this may lead? If, at some time in the future, the world situation turns bad, Americans will immediately blame the Jews for influencing the government, and why should we get ourselves into such a mess?
Furthermore, Jews who live in Iran have come to me and told me that the government there allows them to keep Judaism fully, without any disturbance. The Iranian government only works against Zionism and the conquest of Arab lands, not against the observance of Judaism in their country. But if the Iranian government hears that Agudath Israel, which represents a large percentage of Torah observant Jews, is working against the American government’s peace plan, then all of Iranian Jewry is likely to be in great danger.
Therefore, it is the obligation of all American Jews and rabbis at this time to speak up against this, and to make known that they have nothing to do with this action, and that their role is only to strengthen Jewish observance, not to get involved in politics. Our Sages have already stated (Avos 1:10), “Do not get involved with government authorities.”
Long ago, when someone proposed forming a worldwide rabbinical organization, Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzensky of Vilna opposed the idea, and said that it would be a great danger to the Jewish people if one official were to be able to speak on behalf of all the rabbis in the world. And Rabbi Chaim Brisker himself, who helped establish Agudath Israel, separated from Agudath Israel when he saw that officials were likely to get involved in politics in whatever way they wished.


Anonymous said...

this should not come as a surprise,after all he is a member of the criminally insane Zionist hating Arab loving ignorant cavemen of the AIDA HACHREIDIS,who themselves are supported and financed by the Romanian gypsy Jew hating Satmar Kapo gangsters in America .

Anonymous said...

I can understand Rav Sternbuch's fear of Jewish appearances if something goes wrong but I believe he is mistaken for 2 reasons.

There are many non-Jewish groups & very prominent non-Jewish people who are against the deal for very good reasons.

Anti-Semites will attack Jews regardless of whether Jews were outspoken before an incident which happened in some cases after 9/11 even though the main thrust of al Qaeda was to kill Americans because of their secular way of life.

Anonymous said...

How many jews living currently in Iran? How many jews currently living in Israel?
How many jews currently living in europe?

Anonymous said...

He is offering standard Torah thought that we should not provoke the gentiles. Have some respect.