Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Eida Ravaad Speaks Out in Harshest Terms Against RCA Pre-Nuptial Agreement

Raavad Moshe Sternbuch Shlitah
There are many Choshivah Rabbonim that actually support the RCA Pre-Nuptial Agreement, such as 
 Rav Ovadia Yosef z"l,, Rav ZN Goldberg, Rav Osher Weiss, as well as Rav מרדכי Willig and Rav Hershal Shachter etc.

Question: If you don't agree with someone, why say that the other side's understanding of the Halacha will lead to mamzeirim?

Why can't they just disagree?

Are you saying that the supporters of the RCA Pre-Nuptial Agreement are a bunch of AmaRatzim?

Rav Ovadia Yosef was an Am Haaretz C"V?

Where does this blatant animosity come from?

What has The Ravaad done for Agunois lately or ever?

Most Shaalos Utshuvois over the centuries dealt with Agunois actually. If you peruse some of those Tshuvois you see how pained the Rabbonim were over this, and tried every single way to free the Agunah... and the Agunah issue was no where close to the Agunois we have now ...
The Gedoilim have to do something quickly because if not .... then this "doing nothing" will actually lead to mamzeirim!
After WW2 there were hundreds of Agunois... most Rabbonim actually found Heiterim for them to remarry, and those who remained Agunois were very frum yiddishe mamas fun der alter heim...they remained Agunois for the rest of their lives...
just imagine after the torture in the camps, they had to endure loneliness for their entire lives!
Not all of today's agunois have that Amunah! 

Something must be done, and speaking out "harshly"  against those Gedoilim that are actually working on a solution...is asinine!
Is the RCA agreement a solution? I don't know but they are surely working on the problem,  Ravaad!

Eida Chareidis Ravaad HaGaon HaRav Moshe Sternbuch Shlita has come out in harsh terms against pre-nuptial agreements, which have become increasingly popular as rabbonim are working to prevent future agunos. 

A growing number of organizations that work to free agunos are backing such agreements, as are major rabbinical organizations around the world. 

In some cases, rabbonim will not marry a couple that does not have an accepted pre-nuptial agreement. It is important to point out that there are various texts and rabbonim who frequently marry couples are more in the know as to which texts are viewed as halachically acceptable to them. 

In his lengthy responsa the Ravaad addresses the pre-nuptial agreements, and Rav Sternbuch and other Gedolei Torah remain adamantly opposed to such agreements. 

The rav explains an agreement was brought to him, the version written and accepted by the Rabbinical Council of America.

After conducting a lengthy halachic discussion on the agreement, it is reported the rav has concluded the agreement may compel a husband to divorce his wife unjustifiably, and therefore he feels the agreement represents a ‘פרצה’, a break from acceptable tradition, adding the agreement does not carry great benefit with the exception of a small amount of women whose husbands make them agunos against halacha.

What has Rav Sternbuch more concerned is that he feels that on the other side, such an agreement may destroy the institution of marriage for if a husband does not want to give a divorce, which is often the case, the woman has worked it out but now, a woman can force her husband to divorce her. He adds that Rabbeinu Gerson made his cherem not to divorce a woman against her will so that there would not be too many divorces and therefore we would not create an agreement that will facilitate getting divorced.

The rav adds the agreement is bound to the courts and therefore, not what it appears to be on the surface.
שאף שלמראית עין הסכם זה כפוף לכאורה להוראות בית הדין מכל מקום אין זה אלא מסווה בלבד.

And finally, Rav Sternbuch calls on gedolei torah in Eretz Yisrael and the United States to sign against the agreement, which he fears may even R”L lead to mamzerus.
את דבריו חותם הגר”מ שטרנבוך באמירה חריפה וכותב “הנני קורא לגדולי תורה כאן ובארה”ב לעמוד בפרץ למחות נגד מתקני הסכם קודם נישואין שלא יתפשט תקנתם רח”ל, כי שטר הסכם נישואין זה אינו תקנה אלא תקלה, שהוא חורבן הדת ממש ומכשילין בחשש איסור אשת איש ומרבים ממזרים בישראל”.


Anonymous said...

DIN,save your breath,nobody but nobody takes these criminally insane Israel hating ignorant savages of the Eida Hachreidis seriously anymore,they represent a very small segment of the chareidi population in Jerusalem,the chasidic sects of Belz,Ger,Vizsnitz,Boyan,Rizsin,Erlau,and the rest of the smaller chasidic sects don't recognize them,because they have their own Beis Dinim and they don't follow their insanity of not participating in the elections and not taking money from the government,
The Eida Hachreidis only represents the Toldos Aharon savages and the Satmar gangsters and some of the Breslov crazies,they are absolutely irrelevant.

ORA min haTorah assur said...

Come on DIN, you are someone vos ken lernen, so don't sound like an am haaretz that Rav Shternbuch's psak is politically motivated when he gives halachic reasoning in a teshuva. Being wholesale poretz geder has nothing to do with helping agunos which he certainly would try his hardest to help any genuine aguna, not the fake "agunos" manufactured by OU feminists who get bored of their husbands after a year or two.

If anything is political it is the likes of Hershel ShLechter & Willig who are influenced by feminism. And don't deny it. Everything Willig touches it seems turns to dreck like when he attacked victims of child molester Baruch Lanner. And Osher Weiss? He is just another Left Winger mit shmoyne begudim who hangs out with the modern orthodox whenever he visits America.

No "honorable" mention for the "heros" at ORA? Jeremy with his bullhorn who has been taped leading rag tag mobs of women who scream at anyone preceived to not be on the feminist side, including one old man in a wheelchair who happened to be visiting the home of an anti-ORA rabbi. And the other ORA founder whose father in law is a registered sex offender pedophile in Skokie.

In what teshuva does Rav Ovadya supposedly support prenup?

Anonymous said...

Man, is 10:28 pm ever ignorant about the Edah! Rav Sternbuch is from the last of the normal people there who threatened to quit a few times that the savages acted up. Satmar is scared not to let him resign because they know he gives a face of normalcy to the place so each time they promise him please stay, we are clobbering the crazies and forcing them to behave. Also, Toldos Aharon is on Rav Sternbuch's side. The savages who hijacked the Edah are followers of Tuvya Weiss. Another group of savages led by Mishkenos Haroyim are so extreme that even Weiss isn't radical enough for them so they have splintered off to form their own group.

Mendel Vepstein said...


Please ignore Rabbi Sternbuch & continue to support the OU since backing the OU is the only hope that their co-conspirators from the kidnappings & beatings will get off the hook.