Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Jewish Bochrim make a huge Kiddush Hashem


Ich bein ein Chaim Berliner said...

25 years ago there was an apt invasion one Shabbos night at Ave N & East 12th. Two working single guy roommates were robbed, beaten, tied & gagged. They managed to make little hops outside bound to chairs and started making muffled pleas for help but everyone was running away from them. They made their way down Coney Island to Chaim Berlin were perplexed bochurim gathered around them & deliberated if they might be meshugoyim who are too dangerous to untie. One bochur one the argument that they can ungag them without freeing their limbs & see if there is a reasonable explanation. At the time the victims thought it was a garden variety home invasion robbery but I wonder now if Mendel Epstein sent the goons.

Chuchem mikol Udom said...

Alarming prediction by Shlomo Hamelech in Mishlei perek 30

תַּחַת שָׁלוֹשׁ רָגְזָה אֶרֶץ וְתַחַת אַרְבַּע לֹא תוּכַל שְׂאֵת:

תַּחַת עֶבֶד כִּי יִמְלוֹךְ וְנָבָל כִּי יִשְׂבַּע לָחֶם

A rov says Novol is the pathetic, not the run of the mill, shnorrers in the train stations & streets who manage to collect lots of money

Drug addict or homeless guy with a kid? Pranked New Yorkers prefer the former
Published time: 21 Jul, 2015
Edited time: 23 Jul, 2015

A prankster has carried out a social experiment in New York to find out who would be granted more charity – a homeless single father or a drug user – and received a truly surprising result.

In a hidden cam video, prankster Coby Persin dressed up as a homeless guy and pretended to be begging. He first displayed a sign, reading: “Homeless need money for drugs, weed and alcohol,” and managed to raise a decent sum of money across just an hour.

The homeless addict was mainly assisted by young men, who encouraged him by saying “stay high, man, stay high” or “make sure you get a big bottle.”

However, things changed when the prankster put up a different sign, reading: “Homeless single father need money for charity” and was joined by a small girl, sitting on the pavement next to him.

He was left without any donations for almost the whole hour as people walked by, completely ignoring the “troubled pair”.

Ironically, the only person to support the father and the child was a homeless woman, who gave them all the money she made on the day, saying “You need it so much more than I do. You and your little girl.”

Persin told RT that he himself was surprised by the results of his experiment, as he suggested that it would’ve been easy for people to relate to a homeless with a child as “everyone has a little baby sister or a daughter.”