Sunday, August 16, 2015

Matisyahu concert canceled in Spain because he refused to say that Arab Savages are entitled to a State!

It's ironic, the country that tortured Jews and then expelled them, is now banning a Jew from singing!
Jews for years would never even step into the country because of Spain's murderous past. 
Not to worry, the country will soon be taken over by ISIS! 
Now Read:
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is now causing a rift in reggae.
A music festival in Spain has canceled the performance of American Jewish rapper Matisyahu due to pressure from the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement and because the artist wouldn’t sign a pledge supporting the Palestinian state, according to Spanish media citing a statement from the event organizers.
Matisyahu, who is not Israeli but has visited the country several times, was to perform at the Rototom Sunsplash festival on Aug. 22. His concert slot was filled by Jamaican artist Etana.
The event director, Filippo Giunta, asked the singer on Thursday to issue a “signing statement or video” that expressed in a “very clear” way that Palestinians are entitled to their own state, according to Spanish newspaper El Pais. Other artists at the event threatened to cancel their own performances if Matisyahu was allowed to take the stage because he was “seen to represent Israel,” according to the Times of Israel. The local BDS movement accused Matisyahu of being a “Zionist” who supports the practice of “apartheid and ethnic cleansing.”
The festival, which began in 1994, has strong social justice overtones, including a particular affinity for promoting a Palestinian state. In a translated Facebook statement regarding the Matisyahu controversy, Rototom used the words “occupation” and “occupied” to describe Israel’s relationship with what the event organizers see as Palestinian territories. The festival’s website features a 2 ½-hour video focusing on pro-Palestinian activists, according to the Times of Israel.
The festival has a “social forum,” which has discussed the issue numerous times, according to the Facebook statement. Though permitting Matisyahu to perform his music, which is not characterized as pro-Israel but does draw on Jewish tradition, is apparently not part of that discussion.
Matisyahu, a Pennsylvania-born Jew whose real name is Matthew Miller, has not yet addressed the debate.

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