Monday, August 17, 2015

Meet the Fake Hollywood “Jews” Who Endorse the Obama Deal

It’s hilarious that the ad identifies those on the list as “American Jewish supporters of Israel,” when they are no such thing and never have been. These people have zero ties to Judaism (other than being born ethnically Jewish) and have never done a thing to support the State of Israel in any way, shape, or form.
Here is the full list of these self-hating frauds:
Mel Levine, Mickey Kantor, Eli Broad, Norman Lear, Frank Gehry, Stanley Gold, Irwin Jacobs
David Abel, James Adler, Daniel Attias, Elaine Mitchell Attias, Lawrence Bender, Peter and Barbara Benedek, Michael Berenbaum, Donna Bojarksy, Peter Braun, Rabbi Sharon Brous, David Bubis, Rabbi Ken Chasen, Eli Chernow, Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels, Bruce and Toni Corwin, Geoffrey Cowan, Bert Deixler, David Fisher, William and Patricia Flumenbaum, Terry Friedman, Abner Goldstine, Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater, Arthur Greenberg, Earl Greinetz, Richard and Lois Gunther, Stephen Gunther, Janet Halbert, Michael Hrischfeld, Elaine Hoffman, Jane Jelenjo and Bill Norris, Charles Kaplan, Marty Kaplan, Steven Kaplan and Janet Levine, Glenn and Miriam Krinksy, Luis and Lee Lainer, Mark Lainer, Peter Landesman, Shawn Landres, Shari Leinwand, Irwin Levin, Peachy Levy, Rabbi Richard N. Levy, Mike Medavoy, Douglass Mirell, Charles Mostov, Allan and Nicole Mutchnik, David N. Myers, Mark and Marsha Novak, Rabbi Arnold Rachlis, Carolyn Ramsay, Gene Reynolds, Victoria Riski and David W. Rintels, Fredric D. Rosen, Rick Rosen, Monica and Philip Rosenthal, Ranni John Rosove, Thomas Safran, Dena Schechter, Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller, Larry Shapiro, Abby Sher, Richard Siegel, Glenn Sonnenberg, Carolyn Strauss, Bradley Tabach-Bank and De Dee Dorksind, David A. Thorpe, Larry Title and Ellen Shavelson, Matthew Velkes, Hope Warschaw, Rick Wartzman, Matthew Winer, Sandford and Karen Wiener, Daniel Weiss, Marcie and Howard Zelikow and Michael Ziering.
98 soulless, traitorous bastards. 
Back in the day, in 1943, they had a different name: kapo.
Oh, and Peachy Levy? How on earth can I take anyone named, “Peachy,” seriously?
Are we to assume that Norman Lear and the rest of them read all that, word for word, and if they did, are we to assume that, in their careful consideration, this work is so perfect that it is ready for production? No rewrite necessary? Are there no plots and sub-plots that, according to the language of the trade, needs more work?

No, after careful study on their yachts and then sharing lunch at Spago, they concluded that they know best.

They know better …better than the nuclear physicists who declare the deal a flop favorable only to the mullahs of Iran.

Or is it that these Jewish Liberals remain so gaga for Obama that they don’t care who lives or dies, so long as Liberalism lives?
That’s got to be it because nothing else makes sense.

Hemingway never liked the movies they made from his novels. He was fond of giving the following advice – “Stick to what you know.”
Otherwise, we might add, you risk making complete fools of yourselves.


Cat Fight said...

Bunch of "Meatheads", and I don't just mean Reform Jew Norman Lear who was the script writer for "All in the Family" (Archie Bunker's son in law was "Meathead")

"Rabbi" Chaim Seidler-Feller is modern orthodox so shame on him!

But what do you expect from a loser who kicks & scratches women who get him angry?

Edith said...

Another Meathead who I am surprised didn't sign this worthless declaration is Rob Reimer, the actor who played Meathead. He must have been surfing in Hawaii or something where he couldn't be reached. Reimer spent years huddling with Al Gore and embracing every Left wing cause ever dreamt.

Bozos for Bezos said...

Today's NY Times had a huge expose on this but this article is better written.

Amazon's billionaire owner Jeff Bezos who also owns the anti-Israel Washington Post, is a tyrant & chazir who works people almost to death. In fact, a hospital reported Amazon to Federal agents since Bezos actually had private ambulances parked outside waiting until one worker after another literally collapsed. Bezos henchmen also intimidate workers to sign a paper that the slavery conditions had nothing to do with them plotzing.

Check out the Camera website for weekly updates on the Washington Post's Israel bashing. Camera puts it that WaPo articles are more like Hamas press releases than anything in journalism.

eBay & some other websites are usually better priced than Amazon who don't deserve to be supported.

Reptilian said...

Did you read that Amazon article?! Bezos locks the doors with no ac driving the temperature up to 110 degrees because he suspects anyone & everyone of stealing.

The Maharil Diskin is medayek that Vashti was punished with lizard hyde & tail which was megalgel her execution because she used to treat her servants in a similar way but what she actually did was not nearly as bad as Bezos.

What a sick guy! And I did notice how the Washington Post has become much more anti-Semitic since he bought it.

Anonymous said...

Reason why Obumma covered up for the Chattanooga murderer supposedly having no connection to Islam:

Reuters is reporting that the suspected perpetrator of the Chattanooga terror attack which killed five U.S. military personnel may’ve been motivated in part by anger at Israel’s war in Gaza.