Sunday, August 16, 2015

Kold Kuts & Premiere Catering in Flatbush... Do they have Hashgacha or Not? What's the Story?

Both advertisements below appeared in this week's edition of the Yated!

Question: Is Kehilah Kashrus playing games? Or is Rabbi Nesanel Sommer playing games?
Is Kold Kuts/ Premiere Catering playing games?
Can the public eat at Kold Cuts?
Can the public eat at any event at The Agudah of Avenue L?
What "violations" happened in the kitchen of the Agudah of Avenue L that Kehilah Kashrus took off their Hashgacha?
And if there was a Kashrus Violation, why is Rabbi Nesanel Sommer still giving an Hashgacha?
Why did Premiere Catering have two Hashgachos in the first place?
If Premier Catering had Kehilah Kashrus as their Hashgacha, why did they need an outside Rabbi from Monsey as an additional Hashgacha?
Why wasn't the local Kehilah Kashrus enough?
And if Kehilah Kashrus continues to be vague about the circumstances because of Loshon Harah, why did they place a paid ad in the Yated? So now the Halacha of Loshon Harah is only partial? 
Whats the story folks?

More Questions:
Who is Kehilah Kashrus? Why isn't the ad signed? 
Will Premiere Catering refund all deposits for the events already booked?
Who is Rabbi Nesanel Sommer? How many establishments in Flatbush does he give an Hashgacha to?
How many establishments in Monsey where he actually lives does he give an Hashgacha?
The big question now is:
Can a goy eat at any of the establishments that Rav Sommer gives an Hashgacha?


Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Kehillah is under Rabbi Eisen who also owns the 5 Towns Vaad.
Not sure why it was not signed