Sunday, August 23, 2015

Satmar officially supports Obama and his treacherous Iran Nuclear Deal!

As I said again and again, Satmar is separating itself  from the Jewish people and starting their own religion. And I wouldn't really care about that except that they have now joined the anti-Jewish "J Street" in throwing the Jewish people living in Israel, under the bus.

They are now actively laying out huge sums of money to inform the goyim that they are the "true" Jews and  are supporting the President of the United States even if it places 6 million Jews in peril!
They have taken out ads on the radio deriding the Prime Minister of Israel and advocating a nuclear Iran (I will post a separate post about that).

 Both Satmar Yiddish weekly Newspapers, Der Yid (the one run by the Zalonim) and Der Blatt (run by the Aronim) are officially promoting and advocating the Iran Nuclear deal! 
It's now official!
There is a full page ad by the Hisachdos ("ha'Ganovim") Ha'rabonnim that it is prohibited from criticizing the President on the Iran Deal because of Hisgarus Be'Umois  (antagonizing the gentile nations). The Hisachdus Ha'ganovim is Satmar!
Hisachdas has also taken over the "heimishe hashgacha" business!

Just last week, both Satmar News weeklies chastised Jews living in America during the Holocaust that supported President Roosevelt, and did nothing!
Now that there are more than 6 million Jews in danger of annihilation by the Iranian murderers, Satmar is sitting comfortable in their million dollar homes in Williamsburg and in Monroe and supporting the Iranian murderers!

Some have said that Satmar is all about Chesed, to that I say that I remember growing up in Brooklyn when the Mafia while they were pillaging and murdering were doing "chessed" in Howard Beach!
Hizbollah also does tons of "chessed" in Lebanon! 

This "chessed" business was established by the Satmar establishment to mask their deep hatred of their brothers and sisters living in the State of Israel and masquerade as Santa Claus in the hospitals!
Article advocating the Hisachdus Stance afor the Iran Nuclear Deal 

The hatred that Satmar embedded into their chassidim has now overflowed into the litvishe camps!
That's why I find it an obligation, a Choiv Kadosh" to expose these Romanian gypsies for who they really are ..... a bunch of guys dressed in fur caps hating anyone that doesn't agree with their naive stupid SHIT'ah!
This support for the Iranian deal and Satmar non- empathy  for the Jews living in Israel, is proof positive that Satmar is not Me'Zerah Yisroel!


Anonymous said...

these murderous Jew hating gangsters and thugs should change their cursed name to "HISACHDUS HAKAPOS",
how any God fearing Jew could rely on these murderous Jew hating bastards Kapo's HASHGACHA is beyond me.

Brisker said...

Stop being dishonest, you & Derby.

You cannot name one yeshivishe rov or person (unless affiliated with the Hungarian 'Edah') who supports Obama's sellout to Iran