Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Chuck Schumer Against The World

Jack Engelhard’s classic international bestselling novel Indecent Proposal, which later became a worldwide hit movie,
by Jack Engelhard

Of Abraham it’s said that in smashing idols and embracing the absolute sovereignty of a single G-d, he became one man standing against the rest of the world. Well maybe it’s not quite that lonely and heroic for Chuck Schumer, but pretty close. To a Democrat like Schumer,Barack Obama is “the rest of the world.”

That took guts doing what he did. Last week Schumer put to rest all doubt. He will vote to defeat Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal.

So doing he risks the displeasure of the President and the Party. He also risks losing his bid to become Party leader in the Senate.
Toughest of all, perhaps, Schumer risks being called out for voting Jewish

Yes, Schumer is known for his warmth for the Jewish State. But Schumer is a United States Senator. He declared himself against the deal because the deal is harmful to the United States. He spoke up for his New York constituents and he is acting in accord with his American conscience.
This is a rotten deal. It is against the best interests of the United States and it must go down. That is Schumer’s thinking and that is Schumer at his best.

Last week, Obama spent an hour trying to put lipstick on this pig. 

The President resorted to a crafty age-old trick, blaming Israel – you know, the Jews, wink, wink – in case the deal fell, and he singled out Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for being so stubborn.
Bibi is guilty of “unprecedented interference” in US politics, according to Obama with Fareed Zakaria on CNN. As if an Israeli leader speaking his mind is somehow out of turn. 

This is the same Obama who dispatched an army of political fixers to interfere Bibi from getting reelected.

Obama was sending a message. 

The message was meant for Bibi and the warning was meant for Schumer. Behave or else.
Hours later, Schumer went public. He refused to be intimidated. The timing itself – that really took guts.
Schumer became an instant hero to those who disdain the Iraq deal, and rightly so, but some people wanted more. Why did Chuck say that he was only acting on his own behalf? Why did he say that he would not, repeat not rally his fellow Democrats to his side?
Well, what more can we possibly want? Schumer still has to live in the real world. He still has to caucus with members of his own Party.
He still has to do lunch with the President – the leader of his Party, the leader of his country. Too much lobbying would be rubbing it in.
Schumer has done plenty as it is. He should not be made to answer for what he is not doing.

We know where the Liberals stand. Running on TV at the moment is a J Street commercial frantically supporting the deal.
Swallow it, they say. It’s good for you. Take the medicine.
Why is it so good? Because Obama says so, that’s why.
Plus, John Kerry and his team put it together and is there a smarter man on the face of the earth than John Kerry?

To this observer, there is no need to talk centrifuges or “snap-back” clauses or secret agreements to know that Kerry was taken to the cleaners.
The proof of it is that Kerry left Tehran leaving four hostages behind. If he could not get that much business done, surely he was swindled on everything else.

But the Left insists that we won. They tell the rest of us that we have no right to object because we do not have all the facts.

This is true. We do not know all the details. Precisely why we are suspicious and why we find it impossible to talk to a Liberal.

They truly say this… They argue that nobody knows what’s in the deal… but it’s a good deal.
Stop scratching your head. Go, make sense of that logic…plus this logic from Obama himself, saying that they “don’t really mean it” when they chant “Death to the United States” and “Death to Israel.” Six million Jews had to die in order to prove that Hitler really did mean it.

How many chances are we supposed to give the ayatollahs to likewise prove that they mean what they keep saying?

New York-based author and bestselling novelist Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. Website:


Anonymous said...

Nancy Pelosi actually stooped to Crusader era anti-Semitism and said the Jews are "poisoning the well" which is what anti-Semites with approval of most bishops did 700 years ago during the Black Death Plague when they slaughtered Yidden all across Europe. The well "poisoning" pogroms lasted to as recently as the 1920s in Poland.

Mike Bloomberg publicly told off Obama yesterday but left out the anti-Semitic component, focusing on Obama being a bully who offers nothing but simplistic arguments

Meanwhile a huge group of non-Jewish Gulf War vets who were maimed by Iranian planted devices are furious at Obama and have started a million dollar advertising campaign against him. The group is headed by high ranking officers including the head of intelligence in the office of General Petraeus.

Romanisher Ferd said...

Watch out for those Hispanic Tzionim