Monday, August 31, 2015

Bobov 45 Rebbe goes to his ancestors graves in Poland, the land soaked in Jewish Blood!


ROTZCHIM! said...

Speaking of Jewish blood AND of yeshivos & bais Yaankevs not accepting kids, with is sometimes the same thing ...

a father in Rechasim Eretz Yisroel killed himself this morning mitoch tzaar gadol that his 5 year old daughter was being pushed off with no answer to the last minute by the only Bais Yaakov in town and then rejected the day before school starts.

The local rabbonim are critical of the school hanhala for not listening to the gedolim saying they are NOT begeder yadeinu lo shofchu es hadam hazeh.

Friends of the niftar are speaking to the media OFF THE RECORD for fear of retaliation from the school.

Anonymous said...

Oh forgot he didn't ask permission from you if he's allowed to go! KRANKER ZUCHER

Dusiznies said...

No! He doesn't need my permission to give $$$$$$$$$ to the poles who helped murder his ancestors.... nope! he doesn't need my permission for that!
And I don't think he prostrates himself like that to his Creator!

Anonymous said...

if you needed more proof that todays so called REBBES,are nothing more than fakes phoneys and frauds and on top of it criminally insane,this picture should prove it.
what i chillul hashem these ignorant savages commit