Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Now phones with "Kosher Sim Cards" are prohibited by "Gedoilim"

Is anyone home?????
So now phones compatible with "kosher sim cards" are treif!

The Gedoilim are completely out of touch with the world ...
There is absolutely no one that can tell me that either Rav Sheinman or Rav Kanievsky know a thing about technology. 

So it's the askanim who are whispering this nonsense into their holy ears....
Who are the askanim? Are they business people, who are familiar with the internet? I doubt any businessman making a parnooseh and feeding his family, would advise the Gedoilim to prohibit a phone that is compatible with the  "kosher sim card"!
The regular "Joe Shmo" working like a dog all week doesn't have time to deal with those "kosher" fold up phones. In order to run a business, you need to be fast and up to date with technology! 

The Gedoilim themselves are causing their respective followers to lose confidence in them. They will lose their flock very quickly because no one with any brains are taking them seriously any more..and what's even worse ...we will lose our youth who are now mocking them because of the naivete of the Gedoilim...
Very few people are listening to them...go to any wedding and walk into the lobby or look outside and you will see hundreds of Yeshivishe guys and Chassidishe guys with smart phones!
Chazal say that Rabbonim should not issue prohibitions that the community cannot ultimately abide by! 
These prohibitions can only be adhered to by Kollel guys!

Do I have the solution? No!
But this is certainly not the way to keep them in the fold!

I just recently leased some cars.... I decided to give the business to a yeshivishe guy that learns a half day and leases cars the other half! 
So I asked him to either  text me or email the details of the deal including all my options ... we were talking about 6 cars.
he said that his Rav won't let let him text or email...
I told him to tell his Rav that Hashem will provide this Talmud his parnooseh some other way, because I'm taking my business elsewhere...
I called my favorite Satmar Chusid in the leasing business and ordered the 6 cars and had the details texted and emailed in less than a minute!

Gedolei Hador of Degel Hatorah led by Maran HaGaon HaRav Aaron Yehuda Leib Shteinman Shlita and HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita have come out against newer generation smart phones that are compatible with kosher SIM cards. These phones are advertised as ‘compatible’ with kosher SIM cards.

The declaration from the gedolim appears in Yated Neeman, referring to the new ‘compatible’ phones as a פריצת הגדר (breach in the wall of kedusha), citing the known “churban” that has resulted from prohibited technological devices.

The announcement continues by explaining gedolim have been calling on the tzibur to only purchase approved kosher phones for the past decade, warning of the new threat, of the “prohibited phones that are now compatible to kosher SIM cards and thereby advertising as being a kosher phone”.

The declaration continues by detailing the spiritual destruction that results from ignoring the words of the gedolim and exposing oneself to this prohibited technology and the consequences of such actions.


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