Sunday, October 12, 2014

Time to Boycott all EU Products!

The EU just announced that they will Ban Israeli Dairy Products from over the Pre-1967 Lines as of January!

So why don't we boycott all their products?
We don't need anything they make, so the next time you see any product manufactured by any country that is part of the EU, don't buy it!

Israel’s Agriculture Ministry has informed dairies across the country that the EU will no longer accept dairy exports from Israeli communities in the West Bank beginning in January.
The European Commission no longer recognizes the authority of inspection agencies over the pre-1967 lines, and without such an inspection, dairy products from those areas cannot be sold in the EU.
Ministry spokesman Amnon Lieberman said the dairy market is primarily a local one, and the primary dairy export to Europe is powdered milk.
As of June, a similar ban was applied to poultry from over the pre-1967 lines and, beginning in February, fish will be included in the ban.

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humble jew said...

I've been talking about this for ages. Obviously we can't boycott everything from the EU. We just need to focus on something that will hurt. Perhaps some economist can figure out what that is.