Sunday, October 19, 2014

Joel Deutsch aka Joey Diangello buried in secret ceremony

 Yup, at 1:00pm, Joey Diangello previously known as Joel Deutsch, was buried in the Brick Church Cemetery in Monsey, with a handful of Chassidim giving him his final Good By!
They buried him with the "Modern Jews" 
I guess people that get raped by Chassidim can't get buried with them, they bury them with the "Moderener Yidden"
No friends nothing ...
They didn't want the OTD crowd there so they secretly took care of business.. They blocked the roadway leading up to the grave with vans, and sat in them like a bunch of mafia goons!
Preparing Grave

Tractor digging the grave

Tractor digging grave


Yaakov said...


Nobody knows what's really going on behind the scenes.

Only the Dayan Emes

Let's leave all judgments to him and only him.

mourner said...

Baruch dayan haemet.

This is so sad, and so unjust.

emes vishalom said...

consider the pain of his parents.
& you can understand
why they prefered
such a funeral

Dusiznies said...

The parents weren't there...
I know, I was there.

Unknown said...

I'm sitting here crying for this young man. It seems a big shame that he didn't have a large funeral and a hespid announcing what became of him due to lying, cheating, denying, uncaring, shameful Chassidim. This will not go away just by closing your minds and eyes to what's going on. Wake up...innocent children are being hurt and the hurt continues. We all believe in Hashem and HE will punish those that deserve punishment. It won't be pretty!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We need an asifah about how to deal with our children who are at risk, and all of children and even adults are at risk every day
. Nobody is guaranteed with their children or family, but nobody cares, except for money, kuved and who's rebbe is greater than whom and who's a bigger oisher. Blood is flowing and it's only about money ,who has a fancier house and car and gaave. Gevald.

Anonymous said...

Suzie Snoozer
Yes you're right you should sit and cry for what had happened to him due to lying, cheating etc etc and shameful HIMSELF no-one else

Anonymous said...

I really feel bad for him however its not an excuse for going the derech