Monday, October 6, 2014

Revised Map of New Square, if Jews would acquiesce and not live in 1 mile radius from New Square

Exclusive to DIN:
See new Spring Valley/New Hempstead Map, should New Square be successful with their "Judenrein" wish!

Map was drawn by a reader of DIN

This seems to be the first time since the Weimar Republic that someone is requesting in
"print" to have areas surrounding them, "Judenrein!"

At least 30 shuls are within that 1 mile radius.
Just a sampling of the shuls:
Cong Knesses Yisroel, Cong Kehilat New Hempstead, Rabbi Senter's Shul, Rabbi Teichman's Shul, Cong Ohaiv Shalom, Rabbi Spiegal's shul, Rabbi Neuberger's shul etc

There is no word yet, how Jews will be able to travel on the Palisaides Parkway, which is within the 1 mile radius, as indicated on the above map!


Rabbi Spiegel crowd said...

Phew! Brockton falls just outside. Now we don't have to worry about some shnook 17 year old hoiz bucher throwing molotov cocktails.

Anonymous said...

Why an I suddenly being thrust back to germany 1930's? I guess new square really is a ghetto, Are we going to see some soldiers with guns on the street corners now?

Montreal Democrat said...

I am not a Square chosid. nor am I even chasidish. But still I ask: can't we cut these guys some slack??!
Of course, at first glance, the Square request appears to be so ridiculous and outrageous. But do you think that it was really made in the spirit in which it has been presented to the blogosphere?
Many years ago, their rebbe instructed certain people to found a community far away from everyone else, so that they could continue the life which they had had in Europe. Until now, because of their relative isolation and whether you and I approve of this approach or not, they were by and large successful. In the American dream, they are (on the whole) able to live any which way they prefer.
I put this forth: is it such a crime that they ask to be able to continue what they consider their lofty goal, without the interference of encroachment on their adjoining property? Is it not possible for others to find land elsewhere to build, or does it have to be davkeh right next to the Square community? In effect, they're just asking to be left alone! Maybe not so friendly, but isn't it their right to ask? They're not asking this from the epicentre of Williamsburg or Boro Park, they're asking this from upstate NY, where they sacrificed much in order to separate themselves from everyone else. Is it really necessary to rain on their parade??
And to measure it for fairness: would people be so critical and harsh if it were the Amish or such group lehavdil making a similar request?? I dare say not!
As an aside, how many people reading this, often make a mental (or verbal!) comment when they observe - much to their chagrin - 'different' people moving into THEIR communities?? Let's be real here: it's a natural thing for people everywhere to want to preserve the nature and balance of their own communities. Certainly we cannot begrudge the same to the Squarers.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on. We are not moving into their community, only someone who is born there, marries someone from there, gives up all special needs children born to them for adoption are allowed to live there. the monsey community is exploding. they are already isolated.

Dusiznies said...

To 4:33
I hear what you are saying, but i'll let you into a little secret...
SHHHH! Don't tell anyone...
This rule is really for the New Square residents themselves.
There I said it!
So here is a bit of history:
First of all, Monsey and Spring Valley was already an established Jewish Community,albeit a small one, way before New Square founded their Kehillah!
Recently, a goup of Squarer Chassidim decided that davining with the Rebbe on Shabbos was really not for their particular families, because the davening starts 10:00 AM and goes to 2:00PM and there is no family time...
so the group decided to daven outside of New Square, since New Square would not allow any other minyan in the Town. You must have heard the backlash, one of the rebels almost got his whole house with his family inside, burnt. There is a Sqverer boy sitting in Jail for that crime!
But there is now approximately 60 - 100 rebel families that daven out side of New Square.
They cannot move out,and this is a whole other story, which I cannot get into now.
Some of them tried buying houses right outside of New Square, and when New Square heard that those houses were under contract, they bought the houses themselves, threatening the owners with all kinds of threats, and the owners sold the houses to New Square. New Square turned around and sold those houses to Goyim.
Just a month ago, a group of Satmar guys went to contract on about 9 houses a few blocks from New Square, and New Square again threatened the owners.They suspected that the Satmars were just fronts for the New Square rebels.
But now the rebels are getting much bolder and want to buy just outside New Square (they have all their families in the town,and want to be near them)..this would be a major threat, so New Square asked the Eiruv administration not to include New Square in the Large Eiruv surrounding all of Monsey and Spring Valley, so that the rebels, if they actually succeeded to buy outside New Square would not be able to bring their baby carriages on Shabbos into New Square to visit with their Families...
This is just a smidgen of what is really going on...
Having said all this... New Square will not be able to stop Monsey from expanding....and they are going to have to live with this...

Dusiznies said...

To 4:33
"Krushav once said that "America will not be destroyed from the outside, it will be destroyed from within"
This is what New Square is worried about...
they feel that if they make this Wish that Jews should not buy within 1 nile of New Square and the rest of the community abides by it, but not the Rebels, than the Rebels will be looked down on and ostracized ..
that't the cheshbon...
which will not work..

Tendler Trinity of Human Garbage said...

Explain to me how this makes any sense

If there is one thing that everyone modern orthodox, yeshivish & chassidish could agree on, it's that Mordechai Tendler must be removed from chinuch & the rabbonus.

So why does the KBY shul led by YU Sgan Mashgiach Ruchni Rabbi Joshua Blass publish a list of minyanim that includes the private minyan in Tendler's house?

The address is 653 Union which is just inside the verboten zone. See the left sidebar for Weekend (Shabbos) minyanim only where they refer to him as "Rabbi" Tendler.

Except for the few weirdos still going to the house, along with the gypsy women who shnor at Evergreen with Tendler's michtav hamlotza (quid pro quo?), I didn't realize that anyone still promoted cretin Tendler.

If Skver turns up the heat on anyone, they should start with Tendler.

And shame on Rabbi Blass. What would his superior Rabbi Blau say?

Tendler Trinity of Human Garbage said...

Make that the sidebar on the right

Cartographer said...

Skver is no doubt machmir that the mile radius starts from their outer borders which means the mile extends westward closer to Route 306

Dusiznies said...

Would that include Viznitz?

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Senter's too? Maybe that was Skver that sent that molester from the mental home in there the other week who arrested afterwards.

Devoyrim-rein said...

Apparently it's not only humans who are being warned not to move into Skverrer environs

Anonymous said...

To Montreal Democrat...
The Skvere Rebbe z"l did not want to build a village in Nebraska or Utah.... He wanted it to be in close proximity to existing Yiddishe settlements. According to testimony from an an older Skvere chosid, the Rebbe actually wanted to buy a big plot of land above Beis Medrash Elyon in Monsey for his shtetel, but the anti-semitic owner of the land didn't want.
So his actions speak louder than any words someone can try and plant in his name.
Another point - there is zero evidence that the Rebbe did not want other Jews next to him. Besides his son, no one claims so. The current leader has his own reasons for this request but paints it as a pious request from his holy father.
Aside from the fact that no one is interested in assimilating into Skver, it is just a tactic to try and control his crowd to the last iota.
Truth be told, the supreme leader has every right to control his crowd, but why place restrictions on others. There are so many incidents of terror related harrasment of innocent people trying to live their own lives without infringing on them at all, but subject to terrible harrasment.
Bottom line - you want to control your sheep? Fine. Build a huuuge wall around the village and let others live in peace. They are not disturbing you, and are not trying to, so let them live!