Friday, October 3, 2014

New Square Bais Din Begs Jews Not to Buy Houses within 1 mile of New Square to keep the "Shtetel" holy

The Bais Din Zedek D'Shikun Square, is requesting Jews to "not purchase any lots within a mile of New Square" to keep the community isolated so that the community stays "completely impervious to outside influences."

The first New Square Rabbi's, (who founded the community,) deepest desire was to have New Square be a "private corner in the world where the founding residents and their future generations would live according to the unique standards established by the Rebbe z"l" 
The Rebbe understood that it would be impossible to retain the same level of adherence to his legacy unless the Kehilla remained a separate entity and therefore he chose to establish his shtetl in such a secluded area. Only then, he felt, would his community remain almost completely secluded by any outside influences.

Because of the explosive growth and spread of the many communities around New Square, the Bais Din asks Jews to please uphold the "holy tzaddik's desire for his kehilla to retain its unique identity in complete isolation."  If the surrounding Jewish communities were to spread even further towards New Square , to the point of reaching the parameters of New Square, the "blurring of our borders would defeat the founding-purpose of the shtetl."

The Bais Din emphasizes that they legally have no right to demand this of anyone, but ask people to respect their wishes! 



Anonymous said...

It might be prudent for any purchase not heeding this "request" tp install a fire sprinkler system in their home

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Skver plan on building up commercially & industrially in the surrounding area like that chicken shechita that has Preserve Ramapo doing backflips?

If no Jews buy houses there then the real estate remains dirt cheap for Skver to buy it all up.

Anonymous said...

Too late they are a little behind the times. they are already down westview, rensellear,dorothy and that whole area across 45.
The village of new heampstead which boarders new square won't allow the high density housing.

Anonymous said...

So Teddy Roosevelt :
Speaking softly but with a big stick.

So Napoleon:
Put your iron hand in a velvet glove.

Derby.... BUT, "When You're Smiling The whole world smiles with you.... Louis Armstrong

Big difference, huh?

Ich bein Chaim Berliner said...

They can always build a wall to hermetically seal themselves off from the encroaching Litvisher to their west and from the modern orthodox who have started moving in just north of New Square.

Anonymous said...

Or how about the woman that take walks out of new square on the surrounding streets around new square. Like mallory or stella, as far as i know, Jews have not moved near that area yet. Is that insulating themselves?

Anonymous said...

Failed Shmatta is running this story today without giving DIN credit for breaking it first.

He often does that so that he doesn't tip off his readers to other interesting blogs