Thursday, October 23, 2014

Grandfather Of Murdered Baby Says Child Born To Parents After Years Of Waiting

3 month old infant Chaya Zisel Braun who was killed in an apparent terrorist attack on Oct. 22, 2014

The grandfather of an infant who died after a car rammed into civilians near a light rail station in Jerusalem addressed reporters outside of the hospital on Wednesday night, saying that the baby girl was born three months ago after her parents had tried for years to have a baby to no avail.
“They had just returned from the kotel (Western Wall). It was the first time in her life that the girl was at the site. She looked at the kotel, they took pictures, they [her parents] held her up to face the Temple Mount, and they told her this is the holy place, this is the temple mount,” Shimshon Halpern said.
He linked the killing to “the Arabs’ merciless hatred of thousands of years”, saying that they killed “a pure girl with a holy soul that never did anything bad to anyone in her life and was murdered for no reason.”
He said that Chaya and her parents were on the sidewalk when the car sped up and hit the baby stroller, sending the infant flying 10-20 meters in the air and landing head first on the pavement, causing her massive cranial bleeding.


Fred said...

The good news is that the human filth who drove the car into the crowd was shot as he tried to flee the site, and he has died of his wounds. Good riddance to this animal; one less savage to pollute the earth.

Anonymous said...

Lets look at the sweet smile of this sweet baby.shouldn't any bodys heart break to see or think for one minute. That this sweet baby was killed so called blooded. And the person who went after that and celebrated and was so happy what happened to this little baby. Whas the man. Who Israel treated his own daughter in Israel hospital. No. He did not send his daughter. To a ((farkakten)) gaza hospital. But now when he got the terrible news about this baby. He was dancing. And he was so happy. What a murder. And Israel. Was helping out his. -f- daughter in there hospital. Come on. Hamas leaders. Lets see now. Take your daughters to a gaza aza hospital -?? Let them take care of your virgin daughters. What kind of coold blooded murders. How can any person with a human heart celebrate after such a tragedy-??

Anonymous said...

To all of us who are watching this so sweet smile of this baby. Lets be mekabel upon our selfs. And do a good deed a mitzva something. And say my good deed is leuli nishmas. This sweet baby. And put a coin it the tzeduka box thanks from a broken father who crys to see this picture. And must place the fact the metziois. That this baby isn't smiling anymore. Some cold blooded murder killed her. We all cry. The world is crying. Hashem is crying. Who is not crying. Look holy father. This sweet baby. How could somebody. Whit a human. Heart. Had done such an act of murdering such a sweet little baby-?? What cowards do we have on the world. Hashem help us please. Help this broken parents. They should be able to take this fact. That there only sweet child. What they wished. To have is no more. Whit them lets all pray for this broken parents. Lets be mekabell something. Upon us. Please everyone lets do it. Thanks. A yidish heart