Sunday, October 19, 2014

Reb Lipa Brenner aka Lewis Brenner Dies

Now that he is no longer alive, I will not write about him!


Anonymous said...

That is not a picture of Lipa Brenner, it is his son-in-law Ephrayim Bryks...

Anonymous said...

He should be written about since so many of his extended relatives are molesters too. Eidim Ephraim Bryks, mechuton Leizer Bryks, and possibly others. And they are all buddies of Belsky, the Don of protecting molesters. They are also mechutonim with Faskowitz, a cousin & defender of Mordechai Tendler. The Bryks name is so infamous that one of Ephraim Bryks's sons went to court to change his name.

What's really weird about the Misaskim listing is one of Brenner's sons is not mentioned. He learned in Brisk & Lakewood before going off the derech. Interestingly enough, when he was in Lakewood he told the roshei yeshiva that he took a break from Rosh Hashana davening & caught an Israeli bochur (who was already rumored to be a molester) raping a 15 year old boy in the BMG dormitory. The Israeli got engaged around that time but the shidduch broke off because of Brenner's report. The Israeli then went back to Israel. A family from Frankel's shul in Flatbush who have a number of sons living in Monsey are related to the Israeli molester. They started spreading a rumor that Rav Schach supposedly gave something akin to a curse - that was their clever way to intimidate & silence anyone from talking about their molester relative.

In any case, Lipa Brenner benefited enormously from a corrupt insider deal from corrupt former DA Hynes. Not only did Lipa Brenner never serve a day in jail for raping a young boy in his shul bathroom, but he also got away with embezzling $80 million from an ambulance company after he agreed to masser on a co-thief.

Lipa Brenner & Ephraim Bryks have been involved in the Mendel Epstein & Belsky shakedowns.

Dusiznies said...

Who cares?

Anonymous said...

YSV sent home official "deep regrets" that this subhuman filth finally expired.

Shem reshayim yirkav

Dusiznies said...

Can you send me a copy of that?

Anonymous said...

Not here to justify the unjust of the departed past actions. commentator earlier seems to have his facts wrong. The other Brenner is not his son nor is he OTD. I know who he is and he is very much observant. Just saying to get your facts right.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that with Brenner in Lakewood. I met him once in the City and asked some people who should know who said he is from the same Brenner family. I just checked some public records that don't show any connection. But is he at least a cousin?

I met him in real estate. He wasn't wearing a kippa although that means nothing. I do have an alleged eyewitness report of very "unorthodox" behavior on his part. If true I suppose he could have also done teshuva since then.

Anonymous said...


The letter they sent home after I read it a few times is not really THAT bad. What is YSV supposed to do? One of the YSV rebbeyim has his wife sitting shiva for her father. Maybe the rebbe does not even get along with his shver, I don't know.

The letter did not give any honorary titles like ztl or zl or even ah to Brenner. This is probably because the YSV menahel is a Torah Vodaas boy & knows that Rav Pam assered Brenner from stepping foot in the yeshiva. So it looks like the YSV menahel gets an extra shkoyach because Belsky sprung into action as soon as Rav Pam was niftar, trying to get his pal Brenner reinstated in the yeshiva.

And an important note,

That shvantz Paysach Krohn's disease who is mishpocho with Brenner got in trouble with Artscroll for whitewashing Brenner as a tzaddik in one of his The Maggid Reeks fairy tales. Artscroll actually reprinted the book to delete the pro-Brenner lies.