Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bnei Brak woman drugged and raped after meeting a man through a Shadchan

A Bnei Brak woman said that she woke up in a bed naked after being set up on a date through a matchmaker, Israel Police said.

The Petah Tikva Police Department said that they arrested 40-year-old Boaz Aharon on Monday, after being accused of raping the 35-year-old woman at an apartment in Petah Tikva.

During the night, the woman called the police after she woke up in the man’s bed. The woman could not tell police where she was, but officers located her by tracing her cellphone.

Police arrived at the apartment and arrested the man.

He was brought before the Petah Tikva Magistrate's Court for a bail hearing where he was remanded into custody for at least 4 days.

According to the police investigation, the woman met the suspect through a matchmaker. When she arrived at his apartment, he asked for sex, and when she refused he offered her a drink.

The woman told investigators that she does not remember what happened to her after she had the drink until she woke up naked in the man’s bed, leading police to believe that she was drugged and raped.

DIN: I have some questions;
1) Why did she meet him at the apartment?
2) After he asked her for sex, why did she accept a drink?


Horndog Hershel said...

I could see very easily what might have happened there.

Many Bnei Brak women are extremely naive. There was a lowlife, Scheiner I think his name was, in the 1990s who convinced several kollel veiber when their husbands were at first seder that he was sent by a beis din to teach them how to have better sex.

Maybe she was intimidated to just get up & leave even after being propositioned?

There was a shvantz by the way in the Monsey-Passaic BT circuit known as the "39 year old guy". Today he is well into his 50s. Apparently he had been a nymphomaniac before becoming a shomer Shabbos & he was always lamenting out loud that he was now nebich sex deprived. Some nasty shadchantas were still setting him up with unsuspecting girls with the caveat "don't let him take you to a secluded place". Of course he does just that, drives to a secluded place and then starts with a propaganda speech to the girl that he is dying to get laid and he wishes someone will help him out. The girls want to bolt from the car but are scared to run through a forest in the middle of the night as well.

Praktish said...

Maybe she was thirsty?

Anonymous said...

There is another BT younger than the other mentioned who has actually been raping girls on dates. And Or Sameach Monsey was allegedly covering up for him. He was investigated by a grand jury though they did not find enough evidence to convict. Some of the anti-molester activist blogs publicized against him. So he hired a PR company to "Google-bomb" his name with positive information so that the date rape stuff is hard to find.

He eventually married a Passaic BT who was known to be "loose". The marriage didn't last very long.

Anonymous said...

1) From where in the article to you get that she met him in the apartment? She didnt even know where it was when she called the police! Could be she was drugged in the car?

2) Where did you get this sequence of events from?

Dusiznies said...

To 11:34
1) "being accused of raping the 35-year-old woman at an apartment in Petah Tikva." ...
She didn't know where she was because, she may have been was disoriented from the drugs.
2)From the Israeli Police Report

Dusiznies said...

I inserted the source of my article