Thursday, October 2, 2014

Breaking News! RCC evacuated Bomb Threat!

Bomb threat at Rockland Community College, Building evacuated.
- A bomb threat caused SUNY Rockland Community College in Suffern to be evacuated this morning.
Hundreds of students, staff and administrators are being told to leave campus located on 145 College Road.
School officials say classes have been canceled as a safety precaution, and that no one has been injured.

No further info at this time.

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Here is one theory said...

A) RCC is part of SUNY under the purview of NYS / Gov. Cuomo. The radical fringe anti-Semites who support Preserve Ramapo blame Cuomo for enabling the Jewish "conspiracy" in Rockland County.

B) Of course if you talk to Shmarya / Hatton / Gandron or Rhodes, you might hear a conspiracy theory that someone with a "Haredi sounding voice" was heard in the vicinity just prior so therefore it is another dirty orthodox trick and they demand a Federal investigation!

Choice A is actually more plausible than B!