Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Don't run in Marathon This Sunday

How many West Africans will run this Sunday in the NYC Marathon? Hmmmm?

How about thousands? 
How many arrived recently from West Africa? Hmmm?
How many are carrying the Ebola Virus without knowing it? 
Ok ! Go ahead! Run!!!


Anonymous said...

But on Tuesday November -4- lets all of us you -children- victims of sexual abuse -and your parents- and all-children-who wasn't excepted in any of your -Jewish Hasidic -mosdos- you where just rolling around on the streets because of this terrible trauma by not being excepted into yeshiva -school- so all of you and your parents. Should come out in mass in big crowds next week Tuesday. And vote out every politician who was sitting in his office and such crimes happened under his nose not a differents who this politician is. They must get the massage. That if you dont do a good job. Your out. Please. All children who can vote. Go and vote. Lets make a big change. Thanks. From a father who has a bucher already -7-years out of the -yeshiva -system.

Anonymous said...

To all people who have a heart to children . Next week Tuesday we have elections. Lets make it our marathon day. In the name of us children-bucherim -and -girls- who are today and for years. On the streets like garbage bags on the streets because the ((our)) -mosdos hachunich- didn't want to except us. Or we wear not metziyunim- and all of this happend under the nose of our Jewish politicians -like dov hikind- please in our name. And our parents name make your marathon on Tuesday to the election boots. And lets vote out- dov hikind. - lets make our voice heard lets bring a change for all of us and for all of you. Lets send a massage to our assembly man -dov hikind-that crimes against -children- will not be tolerated no children left behind. Period. Tuesday next week. Make our --your--change for your children. Thanks from a broken father who has a child already -7- years. Out of the -yeshiva-system