Sunday, October 12, 2014

Chareidim Distribute Cartoon, Depicting IDF Soldier as a Pig holding a Gemarrah

Had a great Yom Tov? 
Well guess what the Tzaddikim in Yerusalyim Ir Hakodesh, were decorating the Sukkas with? 
Yes! A Cartoon depicting an IDF Soldier as a pig holding a gemarrah!
Yes, guys, continue supporting the Yerushalyim Schnorrers that come to your door, let them tell you that the ones distributing the cartoon are a lunatic fringe group.....
 I don't buy it!

And now, Hamas, yes Hamas, copied the cartoon and is tweeting it!

Nice job, Chareidim! Kiddush Hashem!?

A caricature of an Israeli soldier in the pig's head and holding a copy of the Talmud in his hands was distributed in the streets of Jerusalem by ultra-Orthodox Jews to denounce the law on compulsory conscription in Israel.
A Twitter account affiliated with Hamas has also posted Saturday the caricature on the social network.
The illustration is intended to ridicule the ultra-Orthodox Jews who have joined the ranks of the Israeli army, by treating them as pigs that corrupt religion.
The caricature of the soldier-pig is shown bragging in the text saying "They sent me to confuse the boys in yeshivas and dry out their soul,". It continues on to say "I fool them with the slogans of the Gemara (religious text, note), but in fact I am something completely different.”
Three small children, dressed in religious garb, pointing their fingers, are shown laughing at the uniformed soldier carrying a machine gun on the back "look at his ears” one child says, “like a hyena."
The second child is shown saying “I actually think it’s a fox, look at its smile”
“I’m telling you that it’s ‘something else entirely, look at its nose and look at what it has in its pocket,” the third child says.
An older man in a black suit is shown running away, presumably because he is old enough to be drafted into the army.
The posters were pasted on walls in some of Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods earlier this week.


Porky said...

Is DIN aware that "Chardak" means cockroach?

Bedeep bedeep bedeep, that's all folks!

Anonymous said...

DIN--stop trying to blame all chareidim for this. You know that is not true

Dusiznies said...

I'm absolutely blaming them all, until I'll hear from the "gedolim" that this is a Chillul Hashem!

Salted Pretzel said...

It speaks for itself that the kind of fanatical agitators who create these posters are the same shnit as the lowlives who threw garbage from Meah Shearim balconies at Rav Elyashev due to his ancient former employment by the Rabbanut and who physically assaulted Rav Shteinman when he was 99 years old.

How many ceremonial condemnations are needed exactly?

Salted Pretzel said...

I looked into it & there were gedolim condemnations:

Ponivitcher rosh yeshiva Rav Edelstein

Rebbe of Toldos Avrohom Yitzchok

2 non-gedolim:

R' Yaakov Horowitz - Monsey

R' Yitzchok Adlerstein - LA