Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ramapo Judge impounds votes on "Ward System" ... No Results until OCT 10

Breaking News:
Too much fraud going on in Ramapo Judge impounds all ballots.... and says no results until Ocober 10..

Amid petitions filed by local activists over absentee ballot deadlines and chaos at multiple polling stations over who was, in fact, allowed to vote, a New York state Supreme Court Justice ordered that all ballots in Tuesday’s referendum election in Ramapo be impounded until the court has had time to sift through legalities. ( reports that Justice Margaret Garvey issued the order following a chaotic day in Ramapo that saw a heavy voter turnout in the town in the election that could swing the power and size of the Town Board.
Voters were being asked to decide on whether the Town Board should be increased from 4 to 6 members, and if they were in favor of dividing the town into 6 wards, a proposal that as drawn sharp criticism from the town’s Orthodox Jewish and African American communities.
The controversy began on Monday when it became clear that unregistered voters 18 or older would be allowed to vote as long as they could prove U.S. and local residency.
This action caused local activists Michael Perietti and Robert Romanowski to not only file a petition with the court seeking clarification, but to ask as well that the court clarify the cutoff date for absentee ballots.
Typically, absentee ballots are counted as long as the they are postmarked the day before the election.
In this case, election administrator, Town Clerk Christian Sampson announced prior to the election that only absentee ballots arriving at the Town Clerk’s office by 5 p.m. on Tuesday would be counted.
In accordance with Garvey’s order, all ballots have been transferred to the Rockland County Board of Elections until the court has a chance to rule on the petitions.


Doug Llewellyn said...

Which judge?

Clarence Thomas said...

You won't read on Failed Shmatta about the fraudulent behavior from Preserve Ramapo supporters

Nix the Six said...

Benny Polatseck reporting on his Twitter feed that anti-Semites were chasing frum voters out of Suffern Library polling station, uttering slurs about "black hats".

Vantz said...

Even more pathetic than the recent Obama cover ups is Preserve Ramapo's homeboy Ed Day trying to cover up the bedbug infestation scandal at Rockland County's Medicaid office. Just replacing the chairs was $53,000. There are also multiple fumigations required, trained sniffer dogs, etc.

Ed, start eliminating waste at home. Don't wait until your offices are swarming.

Hanging Chad said...

The Preserve Ramapo putzes stayed up all night last night preparing the court challenges and convinced State Supreme Court Judge Margaret Garvey to at least impound everything until she has a chance to decide what if anything she will do.

Preserve Ramapo is especially trying to disqualify unregistered voters who cast affadavit ballots because they know there are more frummies than pro-ward voters who voted that way.

Watch for Preserve Ramapo to keep pulling futile Al Gore type challenges.

Anonymous said...

"Benny Polatseck reporting on his Twitter feed that anti-Semites were chasing frum voters out of Suffern Library polling station, uttering slurs about "black hats".

How many non-frum voted in New Square?
Not exactly the most tolerant peoples either.

Anonymous said...

To the loser at 4:38 pm,

People are supposed to vote at the polling station in their district.

There are Jews who live in the district which has Suffern library as it's polling station but there are no non-Jews living in New Square except for maybe a custodian here & there.

So if you want to make up stories to cover up for the anti-Semites it should at least be somewhat plausible.