Monday, October 13, 2014

Why are all deadly viruses coming from Africa?

Remember AIDS? That came from Africa, now it's Ebola! 
I'm not a racist, but people on the street are asking this reasonable question, what am I (who is not a racist) supposed to answer these people? 
That the Blacks are the ones breeding these viruses? Don't tell because they are poor.... there are poor in China, Tibet, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Pakistan and India!


BIG Dokter said...

The viruses originate in exotic animals.

The Africans are eating these animals and/or practicing mishkav behayma. Ebola comes originally from bats it is thought. The other machala comes from primates.

Dusiznies said...

I'm glad you are the one who said it, I didn't want to post it..

"practicing mishkav behayma"

Vet said...

There is a reason why the Torah assers these things. As Chazal point out, goyim with their animals is not all that uncommon.

Shmarya groupie said...

Racists! The pressure must be continuously applied to Bibi to let in as many millions of Africans as possible to overrun the Jewish State, especially the Muslim ones who are often terrorists. "Human rights" trumps Ebola, especially if some Haredim are taken out in the process.

Rachmona litzlon said...

The Mesilas Yeshorim points out that the yetzer horah stops at nothing. No matter what kind of sick tayvos are pursued by some degenerates they will always try to get into something even more shocking.

Beastiality is not just for the Ooga Booga inhabitants of deep Africa. There are plenty of intellectuals who are involved in the pedophile org Nambla and then Princeton professor Peter Singer spearheaded a drive years ago to legalize beastiality.