Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Vosizneias.com calls J Street, "Pro-Israel"

Can you imagine?
 the Satmar website Vos iz neias has the following idiotic headline!

"Pro-Israel Group Calls On Netanyahu To Withdraw Criticism Of US"

Are they insane? "Pro-Israel" ?
This is the rest of their copied and pasted article:
Pro-Israel group J Street is criticizing Prime Minister Netanyahu’s statement on the CBS program “Face the Nation” on Sunday, when he said U.S. criticism of an Israeli move for a new Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem was “against American values,” calling it an ” outrageous perversion of the truth.”
The group released a statement Monday calling for Netanyahu to apologize and withdraw his remarks.
“For a foreign leader to characterize the principled opposition to settlements of every US administration since 1967 – the administrations of Presidents Nixon, Carter, Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama – as being against American values gives new meaning to the word ‘chutzpa,’” said J Street.

VIN News previously reported that the White House White rejected Netanyahu’s criticism. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said, “It did seem odd for him to try to defend the actions of his government by saying our response did not reflect American values.”

VIN is an Aronie Satmar Website...owned and operated by a Self-hating Satmar guy!
Only someone that hates Israel would write that   J Street is "Pro_israel"


Anonymous said...

VOSIZNIES is an ARONI SATMAR website???????, you are clearly not in the know!!!!!!, VIN is more like a litvish type, balancing yeshivish & litvish, plus alittle more than a smidgen of zionism, very very far from Satmar, & nothing to do with ARONIM, maybe once in a while stating the world reknown fact, that the Satmar rebbe rav Aharon is a gadol betorah, one of the gedolei hador, whereas his younger brother rav zalmen, is a very mediocre learner, they once in a while mention that matter of a fact, without taking sides.

Dusiznies said...

To 9:57
I know him personally, he is a Satmar Aroinie

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking your VIN buddy is just "wet behind the ears" / ignorant that J Street are a bunch of self-hating elitists. J Street have the nerve to claim that they are the "real" pro-Israel crowd.

The first comment is probably fooled to think VIN is Litvish because R' Malkiel Kotler signed against him but Lakewood only got involved after Satmar raved to them that VIN is a danger to all of Klal Yisroel. Satmar is terrified of the some of the internal chassidishe scandals that VIN exposes.

Anonymous said...

To 4:21 am, if they expose internal Satmar scandals, then of course the owner can't be an aroni.

Anonymous said...

to #1 - after what your 'holy' reb aron said this summer about the murdered 3 boys, he is very far from being a gadol. On the contrary, he has shown the world that he is pure evil. I wouldnt give a nickel for his learning. He needs to crawl on his knees and beg mechila from all 3 families.

Dusiznies said...

to 8:50
I already said that I know him personally...
again... He is a Satmar Aronie..
not everything makes sense...
the fact that Satmar hates Israel, also makes no sense.

"Minority Report" said...

It was Zalmi that went to R' Malkiel Kotler.

The Aronis are also uncomfortable that VIN is exposing non-Satmar chasidim because he could possibly turn on them too.

Put it this way, I have heard some Blacks argue that while they detest homosexuals and agree that homosexuals should not be considered a "minority", they will still fight to protect them because they are afraid that anti-gays could also turn on them.

Anonymous said...

Makes no sense. Rav malkiel kotler officially doesn't take a stand in the brothers feud, but unofficially is strongly an ardent supporter of Rav aron, first of all the litvish go for "torah", & Rav aron is a big gaon, & zalman is nicknamed "zero zali", I remember being at the kinnus against gius, when the MC called the Satmar Rav should come to the podium, I heard one person asking his friend, which Satmar Rav, the reAl one?

Anonymous said...

Makes perfect sense.

R' Aron was rude to R' Malkiel when he asked for his help with the internet assifa.

Zalmi did back R' Malkiel on the assifa, sending his yeshivaleit to participate.

Zalmi has since asked his gvirim that now that BMG Lakewood in Israel refusing money from the medina, they should be adding BMG to their list of tzedaka recipients.

Anonymous said...

Even though Rav aron refused to go along with Rav malkiel to the asifa he respected his opinion, because Rav aron followed his principles, whereas zalman only went along to spite his brother Rav aron, which shows that he has no principles, I would venture to say, that Rav arons stock only rose in Rav kotlers eyes, by the same token zalman even though he went to the asifa showed his true colors, & was stamped & certified as a cheap opportunist. It definitely didn't bring him any friends or fans, probably it did bring him enemies.

Dusiznies said...

To 11:08
I think you are one sick puppy....

Anonymous said...

11:08, what kind of nonsense are you writing?

When Aron was rude, it was foremost a slap in the face to the Skuelener Rebbe, the elder of Rebbes, who came together with R' Malkiel. And Aron's excuse about the takona from 1869 Hungary was baloney because Zalmi easily figured out a way around it and so did everyone else from Hungarian yichus bound by the takona.

Aron's second excuse that he was fighting for the honor of Lubavitch was even more absurd - on many levels. In the end, Lubavitch was there too, both the anti-Meshichist "Liozner" faction from Boro Park and the closet Meshichisten from the Crown Heights beis din who were actually given seats on the dais. But Aron was the only rabbi of a kehilla who refused to participate. Or at least besides Vizhnitz who bailed at the last minute because of personal animus they have against Rav Lau when they found out he was flying in from Israel. Vizhnitz claimed they were taking a stand against the Rabbanut, but the real reason they hate him is because Rav Lau's half-brother, is a grandson of a previous Vizhnitzer Rebbe and Vizhnitz is ashamed & outraged that he became modern orthodox.

Anonymous said...

The swollen rebbes, who came to the satmar rebbe together with the viener rav, remarked to the vien Rav as they exited the Satmar ravs residence, "he" (referring to the Satmar Rav) is right, because he follows his principles, that he was mekabel from the previous rebbeim, so you are very wrong, the swollen rebbe didn't feel that he was being embarrassed, quite the opposite, & he was astonished how easily zalman agreed to come to the asifa.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get the information about the Skulener-Viener exchange from a supposed Satmar mole feeding information to Chabadsker blogs who were looking to bash R' Malkiel AND anyone who tagged along with him for supposedly being nasty to Lubavitch?

Zalmi & the other Hungarian Rebbes did not violate principal. They made sure sure there were a bunch of droshos in Yiddish at the beginning and then packed out before the English started.

As far as Lubavitch, they started having conniptions that the Skulener and the others agreed to meet only with the tiny faction of anti-Meshichist known as the Liozners.