Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bnei Brak Bochrim Cause Huge Chilul Hashem Shouting at Soldiers that Protected them during the War..

During the last war, the Yeshivah Bochrim that reside in Bnei Brak and learn in Ashdod and Ashkelon, fled for their lives and ran, tripping over their shoe laces, to return to their comfortable homes in Bnei Brak. 
So this week a group of IDF Chiloniem wanted a glimpse of Torah Life; they were met with abuse and scorn from these very ingrates! 
Some Bnei Brak residents got fed up with these parasites, and slapped the Bochrim, which caused a ruckus!
The IDF guys left abruptly after having seen what Torah education is all about!
Shame on the mothers that gave birth to these mammals!

Soldiers and officers from the IDF Homefront Command visited Bnei Brak. They were not warmly welcomed to put it mildly.
The scene was one of violence at the intersection of Rav Shach and Rav Kotler Streets in Bnei Brak on Sunday evening 11 Tishrei. A group of IDF soldiers arrived near the Itzkowitz Shul, part of a tour of the city, for many of the military personnel, their first and only exposure to the Torah city and frum Jewry. A group of yeshiva bochrim began shouting at the soldiers.
The response from passersby was not supportive, and some actually struck the bochrim for their distasteful reaction to the soldiers’ presence. Things got rough for a period of time and the group become confrontational. B”H at some point the situation calmed down and the group of IDF soldiers left the area.
Residents were pained and angered and the unwanted response of the bochrim, whom they said caused a terrible Chilul Hashem with their actions and words. They explained that instead of showing the soldiers the fine side of Torah life they left with an awful impression of frum Jewry.

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Anonymous said...

They got it from their leaders' toxic malagas, from whom else? It's time to give the fanatical imams the bum's rush... grease the skids, tell'em to K.I.T., send along a little tzeidu l'derech pekelach and replace them with with sane manhigim. It's a new year and it can't be business as usual anymore. Let's get on with the program already.

the Derby... Who eats 'eingemachts' (ahngemachts) on yuntiff? What exactly is that anyway?