Tuesday, October 7, 2014

To all "Bleeding Heart Liberals" Read Statement From Hamas!

For the stupid liberal Jews that trust the Arabs, and say "that if Israel would only give up the settlements and the West Bank" there would be peace," read the following:
The Palestinian Al-Ayyam daily reported that Hamas Political Bureau member Mahmoud Al-Zahar said, 
”Some have said Hamas wants to create an Islamic emirate in Gaza. We won’t do that, but we will build an Islamic state in Palestine, all of Palestine.”
Al-Zahar said that if his movement were to “transfer what it has or just a small part of it to the West Bank, we would be able to settle the battle of the final promise (an allusion to Sura 17:7 of the Quran) with a speed that no one can imagine.”
He continued: “We know exactly how to liberate the land of Palestine, and we know how to hit every inch of Palestine with our hands, brains, and money.”

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