Thursday, October 2, 2014

Satmar Yiddish Newspaper Headlines Blame Zionists for Forbidding them to Beat their Chickens!

Dear readers,
 I'm getting loads of emails complaining about the fact  that I keep knocking the Satmar Yiddish Weeklies and that I'm spreading Loshon Hara  .....

Read the headlines yourself, and if you can't read yiddish, get someone that can. The ones spreading "Loshan Hara" are the Satmar newspapers themselves, I'm just translating and reporting back to you.
Instead of writing about the upcoming Yomim Toivim, they are busy with "pista maasis" bashing the holy State of Israel on every single opportunity!
They are upset that the Chilonie Government is concerned about "Tzaar Baalei Chayim" and they, with the long beards, who chap sherayim from the Rebbe's soup, don't care that chickens are being tortured by their little children and don't give a hoot, that the live chickens are broiling in the sun!

These papers  came out today, Erev Yom Kippur! 

Der Blatt
 The above headline reads: 
"The Evil (dark) Decree from the Heretic Government stop Jewish residents of Eretz Yisroel from carrying out their custom of beating chickens!

Dee Zeitung
 The above Headline reads:
The State of Israel prohibits the custom of Kapporis with the excuse that they (the government) are concerned for the health and pain (of the chickens)
Der Yid

The above Headline reads: 
Zionist Government attempts to stop the Chareidim from carrying out the minhag of "Kapporis" on Eseres Yemei Teshuvah

Now, in great contrast, see the Headlines of the Yated and The Jewish Press! 
So tell me, who are the ones lying, spreading Loshon Hara, and spewing hate on Erev Yom Kippur??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm?


Anonymous said...

I think it goes, choke the chicken, beat pour meat.

Anonymous said...

Plain lies there are kaparot everywhere in jerusalem check ap and reuters

Anonymous said...

How can the three Satmar newspapers get away with such lies.

Here is a video showing a Satmar shochet slaughtering chicken on the streets on Jerusalem yesterday.

Anonymous said...

these three jew hating antisemitic rags,are the modern version of the Nazi rag DAS SHTURMER,I have no doubt that had these jew hating bastards lived 70 years ago,they would have been the jewish KAPOS
of that time,and with a smile on their ugly faces would have helped their Nazi masters gas and burn their fellow jews

Anonymous said...

anon 10:05- Thank you for being the one guy that always takes things way to far.

Anonymous said...

if you would be reading these antisemitic jew hating rags week in and week out,you would tell me that i didn't go far enough