Sunday, October 5, 2014

People driving R' Chaim Kanievsky Nuts Motzei Yom Kippur

Here is a "zokin muflig," who fasted all day on Yom Kippur, and so what do the crazy followers do?
They shove an esrog at him to ask him if it's kosher!

I don't get it, don't we have a Shulchan Aruch that states what is a kosher esrog and what isn't? Aren't there countless books with photos depicting Kosher Esrogim and Posil Esrogim? 
They can't give this guy a break? 
Shoving esrogim at him???? 
Motzei Yom Kippur


Anonymous said...

It is true that generally there are all kinds of nudniks that pester R' Chaim with nonsense but there is often a very legit reason for esrogim. There are certain spots (like red) where the color is borderline or maybe just a removable contaminant so only a mumche knows if there is a psul.

Sometimes a novice can't tell if something is dirt or just a blettel. If the seller claims there is only a bit of dirt he can drive the price up by hundreds of dollars from where it is just a blettel in the case of the most mehudar esrogim.

And sellers often say that they will take back an esrog only if a rov finds a problem.

Dusiznies said...

Let him buy esrog that doesn't have a "red" spot, the're are plenty esrogim this shortage.
My son just bought an esrog for $5.00 because of Shmittah

Anonymous said...

2;52,Are you saying the seller might cheat someone?

Brisker said...

2;52,Are you saying the seller might cheat someone?

There are gray areas where a less than honest seller plays dumb & doesn't bother to investigate thoroughly because it benefits him to not know.

And are there outright crooks? Avadda!

I remember one year a real slick guy, in fact his hair was slicked back even & dressed like out of GQ. He was from the 5 Towns but was running operations in the boroughs. I usually go to more haymishe mochrim but he had a non-arba minim item I specifically needed. He sees a yeshivishe guy & starts laying on the slimy sales tactics of oh do I have an esrog for you! It was a R' Michel Yuda Lefkowitz esrog. He must have thought I was stupid plus a big am haaretz on top of it because the esrog had a big hole in it which is the cardinal psul of chosser. I couldn't believe how he lied through his teeth to deny it had a psul.

Anonymous said...

Brisker, I was being sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

Truth be told there is such a thing as amei haaretz who passed through Brisk. By one moicher in Flatbush some Briskers were being a pain in the neck so the moicher decided to have some fun. He says you see this esrog? It has the "menupitz" hiddur (there is no such thing). Suddenly the Briskers are silent. Not only did they not want to admit they were not familiar with "menupitz" but one of them speaks up to say you mean "azoy vi shteyt in der Mishnayos", pretending he knew.

Anonymous said...

An esrog is an etrog is an estrog. There are some halachas and the rest is preference, taste and maybe Oedipus complexes.
I'm amazed at 2 men in my shul who have a clone every year from the year before. One likes a very yellow , almost box-like as it runs to the bottom, and very big. The other likes only deep lime green and many pimples; size is secondary.Some like small, some yellowish-green, etc. etc. etc.
Etrogim shouldn't cost all that much. If you have extra $$$$ to throw around, send some my way, I have worthy tzeddokos and you'll have a far bigger mitzvah than showing it off as you circle the bima for hashanos.

This morning, at very very 1st stop I bought several sets to include family too. Beautiful esrogim , kosher stately lulavs, hadassim, aravos, and all for less than $200..
Last year I learned my lesson. Knowing that some socherim size you up for how rich you are before quoting,I show up in my neb Derby outfit: oversized derby, short pantaloons, yellow sox, sized 12 brown shoes .
The socher however is eagle -eyed and spots an expensive Cross pen given to me as a gift, in my shirt pocket. Thinking that perhaps I'm loaded but pretending to be schnorrer , he quotes an outrageous price, to which I promptly tell him K.I.T. and walk out.

With today's tech, you can show photos, slides, etc. on computers, and iPhones teaching kashrut on all arba minim, so why isn't it done by somebody?
Or is it important to "mach dem unshtell" ( Yiddish: Pretend) and hurry to your rabbi, make a whole tarrarram, and bother him with blatt-flecks? When you were ready to propose to your metziye, did you also run to the rabbi to have her checked out?

Or else, buy from a kashrut org. you trust, pick your favorite esrog and gut yuntiff..

the Derby.... What a day..!! At the end,seller asked me for a certain bracha, and I asked him for one that concerned me..Wrapped everything in plastic... Gave me a discount , and helped me into the car... All for under $200... Mi K'amcho Yisroel... No tzimmis, nudmik'dom or macherei...
Chag Someach... Have a Great Kvittelll.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what his Esrog looks like.
I wonder if he has a big Esrog.
Does it have spots?
Are there red dots on his Esrog?
My Esrog is probably bigger.
If I show you mine - will you show me yours?