Monday, October 6, 2014

Single Girl Solves "Shidduch Crisis" Marries Herself!

Grace Gelder throws the bridal bouquet
A woman so fed up with the dating scene and single life has become the first person in Britain to marry HERSELF.
Grace Gelder even 'proposed' to herself on a park bench and staged a full wedding ceremony with 50 guests.
The photographer said that after being single for six years she had built up a brilliant relationship with herself - and creating that bond with someone else seemed like too much hard work.
Inspired by the Björk song Isobel, which includes the line, 'My name's Isobel, married to myself', the Londoner said the lyric struck a chord with her and it was then she decided to walk solo down the aisle.
From proposing to herself on the park bench in Parliament Hill, London, last November, right through to the ceremony in mid-March this year, the matrimony was approached like an ordinary wedding.
Grace bought a dress, a ring, rehearsed vows and eventually wed in a farmhouse in rural Devon watched by her sister and friends -sealing the deal by planting a kiss on a mirror.
Speaking to the Guardian, she said: "A few did comment, in a light-hearted way, that it was a bit narcissistic. Obviously, if you have just announced you’re marrying yourself, it is plainly a statement of self-love, and I was under no illusion how self-indulgent that might appear.
"But I was completely comfortable with my motivations. I’d been on a journey of personal development using meditation, dance and performance to increase my self-awareness.
"Included in this was a Shakti Tantra programme focused on sexuality and how this was bound up with making agreements with yourself and other people.
"Sitting on that park bench, it dawned on me that a self-marriage ceremony witnessed by other people would potentially be this massively powerful means of making those agreements stick."
Grace was wed by her friend Tiu - a celebrant - who backed her plans and said the deal would set her up for a new phase of life.
But Grace suffered a case of the pre-wedding jitters only a month before the big day and had to be convinced she was doing the right thing.
Although the wedding holds no legal ground, Grace is glad she is no longer a 'single' lady.
She added: "It felt like a really big deal saying my vows, which were mostly about me promising to take more risks in matters of the heart. I really don’t see it as any kind of feminist statement, but creating a wedding of this kind on my own terms felt incredibly empowering."


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